The Tealium Advantage: How Multi-CDN Architecture Creates the World’s Fastest Tag Management Delivery Network

This paper outlines the two key components of TMS architecture: design and network.

Tealiumのアドバンテージ: マルチCDNアーキテクチャがどのようにして世界最速のタグマネジメント配信ネットワークを構築したか


Tag management is a system that lets users manage their digital marketing tags on the fly without taxing IT organizations. This includes adding new tags or deleting/editing existing ones. Unlike container tags where all tags are loaded on all pages—whether needed or not—one of the core value propositions of an enterprise TMS is its ability to load the required digital marketing tags based on business rules or conditions. Requirements may vary from client to client, but the following are some examples of common load conditions:

  • Load a tag only on the confirmation page
  • Load an AdWords tag only on the confirmation page and only if AdWords is the source of traffic
  • Load an affiliate tag on the confirmation page only if the traffic was attributed to the affiliate in the last 30 days
  • Load a tag for registered users only
  • Load a tag randomly for only 30 percent of site visitors

A key criteria of any enterprise TMS is therefore the conditional logic that…

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Resource Type: Whitepaper
Topic: Tag Management
Product: TiQ Tag Management