Customer Data Platform Solution

A Customer Data Platform allows you to unify customer data in one place and make that data available to all systems in your tech stack


We have all the details you need to know about CDPs to get started.

Identity Resolution: Create Customer Profiles

Understand and act on your customer’s entire experience by connecting data across every device and channel. Create a single, comprehensive profile using Tealium’s patented visitor stitching technology.


Tealium AudienceStream uses the customer event data infrastructure provided by Tealium iQ Tag Management and Tealium EventStream to create a real-time customer profile based on your own business rules as the basis for action.


Universal Data Hubの概要
See how the AudienceStream CDP fits in the Data Supply Chain, powered by the complete Universal Data Hub product suite.


Visitor Stitching
Patented technology to create continuous and comprehensive customer profiles.


Intro to AudienceStream
Get the technical details on how AudienceStream CDP works and fits in the Universal Data Hub.


CDPs: How They Work, What They Solve
Get the facts on how to use CDPs to their fullest potential to power personalized customer experiences.


Tracking Customers from Anonymous to Known
Connecting customer behavior across the entire customer lifecycle gives you a competitive advantage.


Tealium AudienceStream: Award-winning Customer Data Platform

Winner of the Relevancy Ring CDP Client Satisfaction Awards for Product Innovation, Account Management, Educational Materials, and Overall Value. Learn About AudienceStream

Orchestrate Customer Experience Actions

You can only use data that is integrated with your tech stack. That’s why it’s so important to have a diverse set of integration capabilities spanning pre-built, turnkey integrations and more customizable options leveraging APIs and other developer languages.


Tealium’s 1000+ integration marketplace is unparalleled in the industry, which means you can extend the value of your customer data platform even further. Build customer profiles that not only collect the greatest amount of data for analysis but also open dynamic possibilities for triggering action.


Pre-built and customizable connectors are critical enablers for both getting data and using it. industry-leading integration marketplace.


Connectors Demo Video
An easy point and click interface to configure data feeds to send to downstream systems like Mobile Apps, Data Warehouses, Display Ad vendors, and more.


Activate Data from Data Warehouses and Lakes
Make your EDW or Data Lake more powerful and actionable by pairing it with Tealium.


Data Layer Enrichment
Create a dynamic data layer that includes both traditional event-level data and customer-level data.


Badges, Enrichments and Rules
The building blocks for designing customer experience, badges, enrichments and rules help you deliver dynamic actions.


Pre-built, Turnkey Integrations with Leading Technologies


Get Data from Any Source—
External or Internal

You can only take action on data that you have collected in a usable format. With central access to all customer data and the infrastructure to deliver that data across your tech stack, you can maximize ROI.


Tealium’s Data Sources feature gives you a diverse and easy-to-use system for ensuring you can get any data into the system. Data in the system then can be used in customer profiles that are the basis of driving action through integrations.


Event Data Framework
The EDF supplies AudienceStream CDP with the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible data collection footprint.


Powerful MarTech Duo: CDP and DSP
Connect data sources to achieve powerful customer-centric campaigns using sophisticated insights.


Data Quality
As the volume and breadth of data increases, data quality becomes more and more important. Learn how you can identify and take control of data quality.


CDPs and DMPs Together
Learn about the differences, benefits of each and how they coexist to power a better tech stack.


Activate Online & Offline Data in Real Time
See this example of importing POS data to take action in Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Facebook.