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Pandemic Causes Flux

Healthcare and life sciences industries are dynamic and rapidly evolving. Your data strategy needs to be equally as flexible. With changing regulations and privacy preferences, you want to provide a trusted experience while still remaining personal and relevant to your members and patients.

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Personalized Care is Essential

Whether you are a healthcare provider, insurer, pharmaceutical, or life science organization, elevating the digital experience is no longer optional – it’s essential. Delivering the best care for your patients and members means being there for them where they are and with the right experience integrated across all channels, including appointments, account management, and telehealth.

Quality Data

Technology Builds Trust

With Tealium, your organization can drive growth and instill trust by stitching together data from different systems to gain a consistent and up-to-date view of your patients and members. Through a unified customer view, you can deliver the right experiences that continually build loyalty and trust.

How Tealium Powers the Entire Customer Data Supply Chain

Diagram showing the CDP’s role in public sector services for collecting and acting on customer data

Tealium for Gilead Sciences

Leverage real-time, unified data to build stronger relationships with patients, deliver more timely/targeted messaging, and better digital experiences.

Personalize Experiences
Acquire New Members or Patients
Create Connected Call Centers
Data Unification
Prevent Patient Coverage Lapses

Personalize the Patient and Member Experience

With unified patient and member data, healthcare professionals can communicate with any member or patient in his/her preferred channel (offline or online) — with information that’s highly relevant and timely to the situation.

When healthcare marketers coordinate care access, benefits navigation, and other parts of the healthcare journey through a single point of control, the consumer is met with a seamless, consistent, compelling experience across digital and physical touchpoints.

Acquire New Members or Patients

Acquiring new patients and members depends on targeting promising prospects and analyzing the results. A 360° view of patients allows you to target better lookalikes and analyze engagement from there.

With first-party data at the heart of targeting, you can automate in-the-moment messaging that makes every engagement timely and relevant. As third-party data becomes less available, a brand's ability to leverage first-party data to fill the gap is a critical competitive differentiator.

Create Connected Call Center Experiences

Proactively provide personalized care by unifying known and unknown customer data sources to provide real-time patient information to call center agents.

With the patient and member journey at the center of the healthcare experience, call center agents can start the call by immediately focusing on helping the patient and finding solutions to the reasons as to why they were calling in.

Unify Data from Web, IoT, Apps, CRM, Offline Data and More into a Comprehensive Customer Profile

Break down and overcome data silos from all internal and external customer data sources to help you better understand customer behavior across channels, build personalized patient, and member experiences as well as drive growth.

Prevent Patient Coverage Lapses

Changes in insurance coverage are common. However, lapses in coverage and subsequent re-enrollment can result in higher costs, lower healthcare utilization, and impact a patient’s care continuity. Automating programs to reduce this risk pays huge dividends.

With a first-party data foundation in place, you can identify and automate targeting patients at risk of coverage lapses. Furthermore, with Tealium Predict ML, you can leverage predictive insights to anticipate customers who are most at risk so you can proactively take action to bolster retention.

Predictive insights also identify data points that correlate with risk, helping you to understand exactly what drives risk and how you head it off.

Your Customer Data Infrastructure – HIPAA Ready

Tealium has undergone independent third-party audits to validate the Private Cloud offering is compliant with the security and privacy requirements under HIPAA HITECH. Furthermore, Tealium will sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with its Private Cloud customers.

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Some of the HIPAA compliant features of Tealium’s Customer Data Hub include:

1 Stringent safeguards both for processing and storing protected customer information that are designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and security of ePHI
2 Security Information and Event Management (“SIEM”) that is fully managed by Tealium
3 Data encryption at rest and in transit
4 Third-party audits are done on all Tealium Private Cloud environments to demonstrate compliance
5 Least privilege access controls ensure that only properly trained operational staff with a need to access ePHI are granted access
6 Database authentication requiring all processes to authenticate to access the data

A Robust Data Management Platform and Strategy Made the Difference for Sanofi


With 7,000 websites and complex regulatory requirements, Sanofi needed to simplify its website environment, improve compliance, and gain real-time insights.


“In the pharmaceutical world, data comes for these big data providers regarding prescriptions and so forth, and it’s all over the place,” says Isaacs. “But with AudienceStream you can actually stitch together improved profiles of your target audience.”

Vaughan Williams

Global Lead of Digital Analytics and Reporting at Sanofi

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