Lead Registration for Tealium Partners

Register A Lead

Please fill out the form below to register your lead.

What does it mean to register a lead?
Don’t worry, your referrals will not be contacted by Tealium, and it does not opt them into communication from us. Registering a lead ensures that customers will experience a unified sales process, assists us in processing the opportunity, and our way of allocating revenue share back to partners.

What happens after the lead is registered?
Once a lead is registered, expect your Channel Manager to follow up and confirm the status of the opportunity. As next steps, please be prepared to share the following business details for deal registration acceptance:

  • Challenge: What is the problem that the agency has identified that the end client is looking to solve?
  • Solution: What is the solution that we are proposing to the end client to solve their problem?
  • Stakeholders: Who is impacted by this challenge, and what groups have say in this proposed solution?
  • Path Forward: What are the next steps that should be taken together to present and gain buy-in?

Contact your Channel Manager to discuss lead registration and get your questions answered.