Part of what makes us different comes from being a child of two families, the global ekino network and the Havas KX Village. As part of the global ekino network, deep technical knowledge and expertise is part of our DNA. With offices spanning across London, France, Vietnam and Singapore, we can work in seamless collaboration to draw on extensive experience, as well as offshore development capabilities. ekino London is also part of the Havas UK family, sitting in Havas Village Kings Cross (HKX) under the same roof as 1,800 communications specialists across 24 agencies. To meet the needs of any given project, we draw on knowledge and experience across a full range of marketing, advertising and media agencies. That includes national and international media, branding, social, research, content, events, PR, and much more. Based on a model of togetherness, communication, collaboration, and delivering meaningful work, agencies in the HKX are able to build specialist teams around each client’s specific need, and design with their customers front of mind.