Channel Partner Program

Multi-Factor Authentication
New login requirements will soon affect all partners as well as customers. Starting Monday, February 15th, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) will be enabled as the default method to sign in to your Tealium account. You will need your password and 6-digit security token from Google’s Authenticator mobile app to sign in. MFA’s most significant impact to partners and customers is an improvement in security by cutting down the ability to share usernames and passwords. If you have questions about this change, contact your Channel Manager or Partner Enablement Manager to learn more. Tealium MFA Requirements

Sandbox Environments Available
It can be scary to think how one mistake could affect those on your team – or worse, your clients and prospects. We’re here to help, providing you a safe place to experiment and learn within a dynamic demo/sandbox site. In addition to Sandbox training exercises and best practices to guide set-up, you’ll receive a custom domain, Tealium production account, and a profile for each of your users. Request Partner Sandbox

Partner Enablement
Beginning April 2016, we’re excited to launch our Partner Enablement Program. To get partners ramped up to speed, we’ll take a modular approach with:

  • Directed training modules – What you need, when you need it
  • Certification training – Tealium University Partner Bootcamps and Direct on-site events
  • Online learning courses – New technology coming soon!

3 new tracks – Business, Strategy/Consulting, and Deployment – customized for your team and practice. Talk to your Channel Manager and Partner Enablement Manager to learn more. Contact Us

Product Updates

Tealium iQ™

Extension Execution – Before Load Rules [Requires v4.38]
Tealium Extensions are a key differentiator that distinguishes us from the competition. For instance, if you want to dynamically add elements to the data layer, or have your dynamic element influence the Load Rule decisioning process you can achieve this with a new Tealium iQ drop down element. Instead of having to make a preloader extension that modifies utag.cfg, you can now set the point of execution on individual Extensions using the new drop-down below the scope field. Extensions that create/modify a Data Layer element used in a Load Rule can now process before the Load Rule evaluates.



Selective Publish Engine
Efficiency? We’ve got it. With Tealium, unchanged tags (and associated Extensions) don’t need to be re-published on the CDN. This means if you have 100 tags, but only change 1 in a version, then only that 1 utag.X.js file would be updated. If it included a Data Source, Load Rule, or All Tags-scoped Extension change, then it would update utag.X.js and utag.js only. One thing important to note here is that deactivating a tag or changing its publish permissions IS a change, and could result in the utag.X.js file being removed from the CDN. In that case, duplicate a tag and set it to only publish to Dev/QA and set a Resource Lock, if you want to make modifications that don’t go out.

Version Merging
Oh snap! Someone published at the same time as you, and now there’s an error message about a publishing conflict. What now? Tealium has released Version Merging, which allows you to fix conflicts and/or rollback selectively, in a visual manner, allowing the conflict to be managed by non-developer users. When a conflicting Publish happens during concurrent user sessions, a notification is given, and the opportunity to selectively Add/Update/Remove is given when publishing. When rolling back to a previous version that would cause a conflict, you are similarly presented with what would take place and have the ability to selectively choose what moves forward.

You can learn more about this new feature in our Learning Community:





Tealium AudienceStream

Cooldown Grouping
Congratulations! You’ve triggered an on-site call-to-action and been rewarded with five emails, 3 sms messages, and a popup. Are you kidding me? With the ability to set so many real-time action triggers easily within Tealium AudienceStream, there is also the potential to overwhelm viewers, and the risk of sending overlapping communications. Our Cooldown Groups allow you to set prioritization per Action (e.g. Channel) and the time period before the next action is triggered.

You can learn more about this new feature in our Learning Community:




Rules – Trait Contains Evaluator [Update]
Rules have been updated so that when creating a rule that evaluates against a Trait, the Trait can be checked to see if it “contains” a value.

Omni-Channel Visitor On-Boarding
Visitor On-Boarding creates a visitor profile for inactive visitors on the fly and saves that data. Next time that visitor engages, you already have information that can be stitched back to their online profile. AudienceStream has the ability to import omni-channel visitor data from profiles inactive over 90 days.

Multiple AudienceStream Tags
Add a Pipe (“|”) between each collection endpoint in the Server value field to post the Data Layer to multiple AudienceStream account/profile combinations. This is extremely useful for enabling actions across brands, on a corporate level, analytics, or even data collection roll-ups.


Use Cases

Customer Spotlight: Saves >$100K Annually with Improved Attribution Accuracy
“Since we started using Tealium, our revenue has grown more than 2,000 percent. Over that time period, we estimate that Tealium directly contributed 10 percent to overall income, serving as a catalyst for our technology mix. Additionally, we successfully launched four times more campaigns than forecasted, we are deploying tags 24 times faster, and we have generated substantial new traffic.”
Evan Waters, Director of Marketing at Read More

Use Case: JSON-LD

Dynamically Update JSON-LD for Better SEO
Tealium has released a new SEO Tag that allows you to dynamically set the JSON-LD configuration on your site to affect/change/modify the way that you show up on Search Engine Results. This is incredibly helpful for slow deployment cycles, or expressing dynamic product/category information. Read More


Tealium University Partner Bootcamp

Getting Certified: Master the Skills You Need
Tealium University Partner Bootcamp is a two-day technical training course designed to provide you with the core competencies needed to successfully deploy the Tealium iQ™ tag management system on behalf of your customers and become a Certified Agency Partner. Learn More

2016 Partner Bootcamp Schedule
Partner Bootcamps are offered twice a year, and certifications are valid for one year. Our first two-day Partner Bootcamp is scheduled for February 2-3 in San Diego, CA; with the next in September 2016. Can’t wait to become a Certified Agency Partner? Learn about custom on-site training options for your entire team.

Agency Partner Webinar

What’s New With Tealium’s Customer Data Platform
Tealium’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) consists of several key technologies that create the unified customer view at the heart of every compelling customer interaction. This informative partner session explores the features and benefits of the CDP, and takes a deep dive into demo into product differentiators. Watch On-Demand

Marketing & Events

Digital Velocity 2016

Lock in Your Sponsorship
I look forward to seeing many of you at Digital Velocity, our fourth annual user conference scheduled for May 3-5, at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. Don’t miss your chance to connect with hundreds of decision-makers from across the Martech landscape. Request Sponsorship Prospectus

Partner Marketing Opportunities

Regional Events
This year, Tealium will focus on more interaction and events in the field with our partners. If you are interested in co-hosting an event, or having Tealium participate in your event, please share your ideas by submitting an application. Request Partner Event

Upcoming Industry Events

  • eTail West: February 22 – February 25, Palm Desert, CA
  • Bronto Summit: March 14 – March 17, Miami Beach, FL
  • MarTech: March 21 – March 22, San Francisco, CA

Visit the Tealium Events page to connect with us on the road. View Events Calendar

Case Studies
Tealium recently added a number of new case studies to showcase the amazing things our customers are doing. If you’d like to collaborate on a customer case study, we want to hear your story! Request Partner Case Study