Thank you for signing up for early access to
‘Data Sources’!

Your feedback during this process will be invaluable. We will send the instructions below to your email for quick reference. Make sure you save these instructions for reference just in case you need it. Remember, this offer is for AudienceStream customers only.

Here’s how early access works:
1. Turn on early access to the Data Sources feature by going to and click the GEAR ICON (shown below)


2. Check the box to turn on early access to the ‘Data Sources’ feature. Click “OK”
3. Log into the Tealium Learning Community
4. Access this forum:
5. Follow the instructions to use the new Data Sources feature
6. You’ll have 3 weeks to use the new feature and take note of your experience. Whenever you have feedback, please log it using the survey here (this form will be open for 3 weeks): Data Sources Survey. Remember – this feature is the first feature release of making it easier to setup and use new data sources in the UDH, so there’s more features coming from here!

Return to the early access forum in our learning community to ask any questions or discuss your thoughts. At the end of 3 weeks, we’ll send you a survey reminder to get your feedback. We’ll make changes to the feature based on feedback as it comes in (so leave your feedback early) and let you know when it launches as a public release!

That’s it! By helping us through this process you’re helping to make a better product that’s more useful for everyone. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or use the forum above.

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