Fingerhut Boosts Web Site Performance Using Tealium Tag Management

Online retailer able to increase page load speed through its checkout process by a whopping 49 percent by doing one thing: implementing Tealium iQ.

  • A preponderance of third-party vendor tags began slowing down the online checkout process
  • Deploy the Tealium iQ™ tag management system to help mitigate tag load
  • Take advantage of tag management best practices
  • An immediate 49 percent increase in page load speed through the checkout process
  • Improved conversions and a better customer experience

A Case of Too Many Vendor Tags Bluestem’s Fingerhut brand uses a variety of online marketing solutions, each of which requires the company to place a web page tag on the company’s web properties. These solutions are critical for maximizing online results, but over time as the number of solutions have grown, the preponderance of tags began to impact the speed and performance of the website, especially though the checkout process. Because web page speed is so critical in keeping visitors engaged and moving through checkout, Fingerhut began to research tag management solutions.

Fingerhut Turns to Tealium iQ for Help

Fingerhut selected Tealium iQ to help deploy and manage tags across its brand web sites. Tealium offers an innovative tag management system that allows organizations to manage all of their digital marketing vendor tags via a single line of code and an intuitive web interface. Tealium employs a number of tag management best practices that enabled Fingerhut to dramatically increase page performance, including asynchronous tagging and conditional tag loading.

A Shot in the Arm for Site Performance

Through Tealium iQ, Fingerhut saw an immediate 49 percent increase in page load speed in the checkout process. Much of the improvement was a result of Tealium iQ’s conditional tag loading capabilities, which enabled Fingerhut to only load certain tags on its checkout pages, instead of loading all of them on every page hit. This dramatically reduced the number of pixel requests and boosted page load speed significantly. The bottom line was an increase in conversions and sales.

About Bluestem Brands, Inc.

Bluestem Brands is a multi-brand retailer, delivering a wide selection of products and shop-at-home convenience through e-commerce and direct marketing via the Fingerhut and brands. In addition to offering a large selection of brand name products, its brands offer a variety of credit options to provide families on a budget the flexibility of paying over time.

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