Deliver a More Personal, 1:1 User Experience Powered by Comprehensive Customer Data

How Tealium created a more relevant B2B user experience utilizing Clearbit, AudienceStream, Optimizely, and Slack

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To better understand B2B visitors coming to and use data to deliver more meaningful user experiences


Leverage Clearbit to enrich visitor profiles with third-party data in AudienceStream, and Optimizely and Slack to deliver more personalized experiences and outreach


Website messaging and sales outreach was personalized and relevant, in real time, based on a visitors company name, industry, and headquartered location

Understand Website Visitors and Use Data To Power Better Experiences
A website visit is often the first opportunity a company has to connect with their users so it’s critical the interaction is relevant and makes a meaningful first impression. But for many companies, over 98% of their website traffic is anonymous (Source: Act-On Website Visitor Tracking Datasheet and Marketo: Unmask Inbound Visitors both noted here.) which makes it challenging to provide the personalized experiences that today’s consumer is expecting.

Data has the power to transform business decisions, product development, acquisition, conversion numbers, and most importantly, user experience. With the goal to better understand unknown website visitors, Tealium wanted to use their first and third-party data to create 1:1 website experiences to better connect with their audience by providing helpful, relevant, and personalized messaging.

De-anonymize Website Traffic with Clearbit
Tealium turned to Clearbit to help de-anonymize website traffic. Clearbit uses IP addresses to detect a user’s company name, industry, location, technologies in place, and more. This third-party data played a considerable role in providing missing pieces of information from the users’ existing first-party data visitor profiles that already existed in Tealium’s own Customer Data Platform (CDP) product, AudienceStream.

Enrich Visitor Profiles in Tealium’s CDP, AudienceStream
Tealium is a data-driven company so they were already capturing users’ behavioral data around content medium preferences, devices used, favored topics, and products. For a more robust example of Tealium’s visitor profiles visit the Tealium Visitor Profile. They combined this powerful first-party customer data in AudienceStream with Clearbit’s third-party data to create more comprehensive and enriched audiences.

“Enriching our existing customer profiles with 3rd party data has allowed us to build more targeted experiences and, ultimately, better connections with our customers” – Elena Hill, Digital Programs Manager, Tealium

Personalize the Experience with Optimizely
Tealium seamlessly passed these enriched audiences to Optimizely, via the AudienceStream and Optimizely integration. Tealium’s marketing team created unique content and calls to action, based on the specific industries and on-site behavior of these audiences, then utilized Optimizely as the engine to deliver the personalized and relevant messaging to website visitors. The best part was that the data didn’t stop at the page load. Optimizely has the ability to track a user’s behavior and pass it back into Tealium AudienceStream to continue the enrichment.

Real-time, Relevant Messaging Increased Opportunities, and Deepened Relationships
The result of combining this first and third-party data was impressive – no longer was a one-size-fits-all website, but rather a place of tailored messaging and helpful suggestions. And the data not only improved the onsite user experience but also fueled better cross-departmental communication. The third-party data was passed via the AudienceStream and Slack connector for the internal sales team. They were now able to see who was on, how they interacted and could tailor messaging in their 1:1 outreach.

“I wanted to bridge the gap,” Elena says, “and help our teams tailor outreach and conversations based on a company’s onsite behavior in a communication channel they were familiar in.”

This enhanced user experience made Tealium’s marketing and sales interactions smarter – and data was at the heart of it. As a result of leveraging Clearbit, AudienceStream, Optimizely, and Slack, Tealium saw engagement numbers improve, opportunities increase, and relationships deepen with customers and prospects.

Having a more succinct, comprehensive, and complete visitor profile drove a better Tealium website experience and reinforced their commitment to putting the customer at the center of everything they do.

See it in Action: Retail Industry and Blog Fan
When someone from a retail company, who has historically read blog content, visits, they’ll see messaging on the homepage that speaks directly to them.

See it in Action: Data Governance Reader From California
When someone from California, who has historically read about data governance, visits, they’ll see an event in their area that has sessions about data governance.

See It in Action: Financial Industry and High Session Frequency
When someone from a financial company, who has visited the site 3 times in the last 30 days, comes back, they’ll see an industry-specific demo call to action.

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