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Are You Delivering a 360me Experience?

Today’s consumers are demanding a different kind of experience—more relevant, timely, and delightful. Learn how your company can deliver the next generation of customer interactions using 360° customer profiles.

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  • Create and leverage high-value customer segments on the fly
  • Increase campaign effectiveness with real-time, first-party data
  • Engage customers with smarter, more relevant content and offers
  • Trigger automated marketing actions based on real-time behavior
  • Give your vendors access to 360° composite customer profiles
  • Fuel your enterprise data investments with a rich customer data

Are you still delivering a “one size fits all” experience? Your customers expect different.

Companies have a wealth of information about their customers, yet continue to treat them with a “one size fits all approach,” leading to customer frustration and a sub-par digital experience.

Introducing the 360me Experience

Modern consumers want a “360me experience,” a new type of relationship in which companies empowered with first-hand knowledge about what their customers want and need, act upon that data in realtime. Tealium enables the 360me experience with its market-leading solutions, providing universal, 360° composite profiles that can be leveraged across channels and devices.

A Better Customer Experience

What does that 360me experience actually look like from a consumer perspective?

For shoppers, it translates into highly relevant product recommendations and content based on interests and preferences. For example, if Amanda, a young professional, spends more than $1,000 with her favorite apparel store both online and at the mall, she is instantly recognized as a VIP shopper and is given special treatment, including unique offers. When Amanda passes that same store in the mall again, she may get a push notification offering her an exclusive discount to come inside.

The 360me experience is similar for travel enthusiasts, who get custom messaging and treatment based on their preferences. For example, as Frank, a finance executive, explores niche, luxury cruises for him and his wife, he begins to see relevant promotions across email, social media, mobile advertising, and display advertising.

For those who bank online, they will no longer receive offers targeting new users. Instead, long-time customers will get ads promoting complimentary financial services. The bank can now recognize each user based on pre-defined rules and serve them content and offers based on their unique needs and interests.

Brands that adopt a 360me experience can deliver smarter, more relevant and more profitable customer interactions, while also dramatically improving the overall customer experience.

All your customer data in one place, ready for action.

If you want to satisfy advanced customer expectations you’ll need to build a single source of customer insight from which hyper-relevant marketing can be achieved. The Tealium AudienceStreamreal-time action engine turns the flow of visitor interactions into a powerful cloud-based repository of customer profiles. These universal, 360° profiles can include online, offline, and off-site customer attributes collected from web, mobile, or other enterprise data sources.

A Key: Visitor Profile Stitching

Achieving a truly relevant customer interaction requires a complete understanding of your visitors’ behavior across all channels and devices. AudienceStream allows you to identify visitors across any device by collecting any known identifier and matching that identifier across sessions on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device. When an identifier is recognized to belong to a known visitor, the full profile of the previously anonymous visitor is automatically merged and made available for real-time enrichment or action.

Access to Universal 360˚ Customer Profiles

Your customers realize that you know a lot about their preferences, behaviors, and propensities. Having this 360-degree view of your customers within AudienceStream comes with the opportunity to up your marketing game. Having access and control of your customer interaction data enables the 360me experience. You can leverage your enriched customer profiles to improve the relevancy and effectiveness of your customer interactions using your existing applications.

Fuel Your Enterprise Data Initiatives

Using the Tealium DataAccesssolution, these powerful universal profiles—and other structured and unstructured data—can be leveraged anywhere across your organization, creating a real-time customer data supply chain.

End-to-end, real-time customer data. Anywhere you need it. Anytime you want it.

A Real-Time Customer Data Supply Chain

Living up to your customers’ evolving expectations will be challenging without some enhancements to how you store and access your key customer insights, including their universal profiles. Tealium’s customer data platform (CDP) comprised of our foundational tag management system, AudienceStream and DataAccess, provides you all the necessary data and technologies to improve the richness, accuracy and freshness of your customer data. Using a streamlined and real-time customer data supply chain, makes turning knowledge into personalized customer interactions easier than ever.

Timeliness Matters

Traditional data platforms CDPs are plagued by delayed batch processes and uncorrelated datasets, resulting in backward-looking analyses that are too stale to act upon.

Tealium’s forward-looking, real-time approach to data collection and enrichment eliminates the speed barriers by generating the richest source of customer data and making it available for instantaneous use by leading BI/enterprise data warehouse (EDW) platforms or your favorite marketing vendors.

Works with Your Existing Infrastructure

Tealium’s CDP is truly open and designed to work with your existing enterprise data warehouse, business intelligence or customer relationship management (CRM) infrastructure. Customer data can be accessed through real-time APIs, data feeds, data layer enrichment for tags or our cloud based data warehouse. All of this flexibility gives you the ability to plan both tactically and strategically about where and how to take advantage of real-time customer insights.