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Case Study: Ancestry.com

Ancestry.com Increases Marketing Velocity with Tealium Tag Management

Leading family history resource is able to deploy more digital marketing vendor tags in one week than it did in an entire year.

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Three Generations
  • Marketing unable to deploy the solutions they needed to boost results
  • Required to go through lengthy five-step tag deployment process
  • Use the Tealium iQ™ tag management system to streamline operations and give marketers control
  • Launched seven tags in one week, compared to two the previous year
  • Saved 384 man hours in one year with Tealium
  • Tealium iQ a cornerstone of their digital operations

Marketing Campaigns Slowed by Lengthy Tag Deployments

Ancestry.com was going through a rigorous development cycle for making changes to its web analytics tags, as well as deploying the tags of other mission-critical digital marketing vendors. Ancestry.com’s marketing team typically participated in a lengthy, five-step process for deploying each new tag: get the tag from the vendor, find a project manager, interview marketing on requirements, write a brief, and then jockey for IT resources. The time estimated for deploying a new vendor tag would take as long as two months. If an error was made during implementation, the process to fix the tag was just as cumbersome as deploying the tag initially. Marketing needed more direct control over adding and changing vendor tags, without burdening technical resources.

Tealium iQ for Marketing Control

After an extensive review of the market, Ancestry.com chose the Tealium iQ tag management system to help remove the tag bottleneck and streamline digital operations. Via Tealium iQ’s intuitive web interface, Ancestry.com’s digital marketing team is able to deploy new tags within minutes, and correct any issues with their tags on their own, without requiring ongoing technical support.

The Tealium iQ vendor tag marketplace offers preconfigured, turnkey integrations with 750+ major digital marketing vendors, enabling business users to easily manage tags on the fly. For the first time, Ancestry.com’s digital marketers can make changes to vendor tags on their schedule, increasing overall marketing agility and improving campaign efficiency.

Increased Marketing Performance, Major Cost Savings

Ancestry.com saw an immediate improvement in workflow between marketing and IT, as the digital marketing team was able to manage vendor tags on its own, freeing IT to work on more strategic projects. Over the course of a year, the IT department expects to save an estimated 384 hours because of reduced tagging requirements. Ancestry.com’s marketing team also saw a huge increase in efficiency. Prior to implementing Tealium, the team typically launched two new vendor tags per year. After deploying Tealium, it was able to launch more than seven tags in one week, and they’re currently running more than 15 vendors’ tags on the web site overall. This enabled the company to increase online results much faster and easier. Tealium iQ is now considered a cornerstone of Ancestry.com’s digital marketing operations.

About Ancestry.com

With approximately 2 million paying subscribers, Ancestry.com is the world’s largest online family history resource. Ancestry users have created more than 41 million family trees containing nearly 4 billion profiles. In addition to its flagship site, Ancestry.com offers several localized websites dedicated to discovering, preserving, and sharing their family history.