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Case Study: Brand New Day

Brand New Day Drives Revenue with Tag Management

The implementation of Tealium iQ dramatically improved the efficiency of Brand New Day’s web site, directly resulting in increased revenue.

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Two happy marketers working together
  • Launching an affiliate marketing system that required highly specialized knowledge
  • The process of manually implementing tags was extremely slow
  • The Tealium iQ™ tag management system increased efficiency and streamlined the process
  • Tealium’s customer service team provided world-class support
  • Reliance on the IT department has significantly decreased
  • An increasingly efficient web site, with pages viewed per session up 45 percent and average session time down 14 percent

Launched in 2010 by the founders of the publicly traded company Binck Bank, Brand New Day specializes in low-cost, high-service pension plans that challenge preconceived ideas within the financial services industry. Based in Amsterdam, the company currently has around 100,000 customers and approximately 70 employees. The need for a tag management system (TMS) became apparent during the implementation of a new marketing system. While the company has a strong IT department, launching an affiliate marketing system requires highly specialized knowledge, which meant marketing initiatives were limited. As a result, implementation took over a year: all tagging was done manually and IT sprint cycles to deploy new technologies lasted a full month. Brand New Day began to look for a TMS that would increase efficiency and streamline the process.

Surveying the TMS market

Brand New Day had initially implemented Google Tag Manager but soon discovered its limitations and realized they required a far more sophisticated system. After evaluating four different TMSs, the company implemented Tealium iQ in February 2014. Key to their selection of Tealium iQ was:

  • Relentless support: Tealium provides Brand New Day with an unrivalled level of customer service and post-sales technical support. Once chosen, Tealium helped Brand New Day fully implement the initial vendor tags – something that the company previously knew next-to-nothing about. It has been a steep learning curve for Brand New Day, and Tealium has supported the IT and marketing teams throughout the deployment process.
  • Simplicity: The implementation of Tealium iQ was straightforward: the basic script was installed first and the data layer was added later in the process, after the initial implementation. The online marketing team initially used only the basic tags but they found the system so intuitive that their use of Tealium iQ rapidly became more sophisticated.
  • Flexibility: Brand New Day currently has 72 tags, 55 load rules, and 32 active extensions, and Tealium iQ has given the company great flexibility over which tags fire on which pages across the site. Before implementing the TMS, the marketing team could not make any last-minute changes and needed to issue a ticket to their IT team, who could not always prioritise the marketing improvement tickets. The team had previously been able to tag just the critical elements but with the new system it can integrate tags to a far greater extent, making reporting much more accurate.

Solution success

Implementing Tealium iQ has streamlined the Brand New Day tag management process, reducing the complexity of implementing tags while increasing the agility of their digital marketing function. The system allows real-time changes to the marketing strategy and has significantly reduced reliance on the company’s IT department, who is delighted with the results. Most importantly, Tealium iQ has made the web site increasingly efficient:

  • Pages viewed per session have increased by 45 percent and average session time has decreased by 14 percent The ability to swiftly implement third-party scripts, run more tests, and act on outcomes means that visitors now require less time to find what they are looking for.
  • Bounce rate has also decreased significantly from 65 percent to 40 percent, suggesting that the information Tealium iQ feeds back to the company’s analytics solution has made advertising significantly more efficient.

Positive impact on revenue

The solution has had a profound impact on Brand New Day’s revenue. Lead generation has improved, with a 31 percent increase in customers since implementing Tealium® tag management. Brand New Day attributes the increase in customers to the ability to implement tags swiftly through Tealium iQ and acquire the in-depth knowledge necessary to improve the web site.

About Brand New Day

Brand New Day was founded in 2010 to offer an alternative to the larger insurance firms. With a view of reshaping the market, the business was built to remain an independent provider with lower costs and a higher level of service. The transparent approach adopted by Brand New Day has built customer’s confidence in the company and they now have over 100,000 customers and serve 1000 companies. As more customers have taken advantage of this refreshing attitude, it has led to Brand New Day developing new services that further support their customers.