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Case Study: Buffalo Jeans

Buffalo Jeans Deploys Tealium to Deliver the Perfect-Fit Web Experience

Iconic denim retailer leverages Tealium for data and digital marketing technology management.

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Models from a Buffalo Jeans Advertisement
  • Third-party vendor tag deployments were costly and complex
  • Aggressive e-commerce growth strategy required speed and agility
  • Needed data management and audience segmentation capabilities to ensure personalized program success
  • Implement the Tealium iQ™ tag management system for simplicity, speed, and scalability
  • Unify a digital marketing environment that includes Google Analytics and AdWords, Facebook, Listrak, Optimizely, and more
  • Decrease tag deployment from 4–5 weeks to minutes
  • Boost e-commerce marketing productivity by 25 hours per month
  • Build technology foundation for big data to drive e-commerce revenue

Buffalo David Britton—maker of the coveted Buffalo Jeans designer denims—generates revenue through a combination of retail, wholesale, and e-commerce business channels. Justin Feder, e-commerce analyst at the company’s Montreal headquarters, sees Buffalo’s online presence as an unprecedented opportunity for growth and personalized interaction with customers. “The most successful e-commerce businesses recognize that their digital properties open new avenues for making intimate customer connections, allowing them to speak directly to an individual consumer reading an e-mail newsletter or visiting a web site,” he said. “But delivering customized content requires highly integrated digital marketing technologies that allow you to collect, segment, and exploit your online data effectively. In our case, we chose Tealium iQ as the strategic foundation for leveraging our big data to drive e-commerce revenue. Tealium serves as the glue that ties our e-commerce technologies and data together, facilitating strategies for delivering 1:1 communications with our customers,” Feder said.

Pocket More Revenue Faster

Tealium iQ helps Buffalo drive more revenue faster, in part by shrinking tag deployment time from weeks to minutes. Feder explains, “In the past, because of the complexity of the tag process, we had to rely on our web development team to turn on new pixels. Working through their queue, they might require as much as five weeks— and thousands of dollars—to drop a single snippet of JavaScript onto a few web pages. Today, e-commerce marketers can deploy all but the most complex tags within just minutes and without any assistance from the development team—that means lower costs, faster rollout of campaigns, and faster timeto- revenue. Using Tealium iQ, for example, we were able to implement a new shopping cart abandonment program much faster than anticipated. Overall, Tealium has dramatically accelerated the tag deployment process and helped boost e-commerce marketing productivity by 25 hours per month.”

Fashion the Perfect Fit

Feder says that Tealium enables continued easy tag management, even as Buffalo rapidly builds out its marketing technology ecosystem. “Tealium extends our opportunities to deploy new, high-value digital marketing technologies and serves as an enabling platform for future strategies for audience segmentation and 1:1 relationship marketing. The Tealium platform helps us maintain marketing strength, giving us the functionality and agility we need to personalize the customer’s web experience for maximum response.”

About Buffalo Jeans

Founded in Montreal more than 20 years ago, the Buffalo David Bitton brand is a leader in the denim industry. Offering multiple denim styles and a full fashion collection, the company boasts an international presence, with stores spanning 18 countries and 3,000 locations worldwide. In North America, the Buffalo brand is sold in fine department stores, including Hudson’s Bay, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and Lord & Taylor. (www.buffalojeans.com and www.buffalojeans.ca).