Cloud-Based Delivery

There are two ways to effectively deliver data.

  • Device-based delivery- This is where the data is coming directly from a device.  Tealium is sending pixels from a customer’s browser directly to a technology vendor. Today, Tealium has over 1000 vendors in our marketplace.
  • Cloud-based delivery- New in Tealium, cloud-based delivery is when one pixel is sent into an event gateway system, and then that system relays the data to vendors. This simplifies the process by sending one data stream to a cloud based repository, and then the data is sent to vendors.  This type of delivery allows for increased site performance, reduces the load on a device, reduces battery taxation and much more.

Cloud-based delivery is the future, but the industry is not quite there yet. In today’s world, both delivery options are needed.  As more vendors start to allow for cloud-based delivery, Tealium will continue to build out this marketplace.