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Case Study: European Communications Giant

Gaining Marketing Agility with Tag Management

When a major European communications company wanted a vendor neutral tag management solution that would offer them unprecedented marketing agility, they chose market leader Tealium.

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  • Manually managing vendor tags was increasingly time consuming and inefficient
  • The implementation of a single tag could take up to 90 days
  • The Tealium iQ™ tag management system was implemented with 70 profiles created to support the client worldwide
  • Comprehensive training ensured reliance on technical staff was dramatically reduced
  • Time to deploy a vendor tag was reduced to a matter of hours
  • Improved productivity through streamlined processes
  • Accurately captured data

One of the world’s best known communications brands, this Tealium client’s products and partnerships place it at the cutting edge of the mobile revolution. Active in more than 150 countries worldwide and with nearly 100,000 employees, this company possesses a track record of delivering innovative mobile products that shape the market.

Manual Tagging Headaches

From its headquarters in Europe, a small team was responsible for all data collection initiatives globally, and managing their digital marketing vendor tags was becoming increasingly time consuming and inefficient. For example, deploying a single tag could take up to 90 days. As an extensive user of Adobe SiteCatalyst, they began to see the value of tag management, but required a solution which was both flexible and vendor neutral to ensure they did not become overly reliant on any one vendor. Furthermore, the senior management team needed convincing that tag management could resolve some of these headaches and would deliver on the investment. The company implemented Tealium iQ, Tealium’s enterprise solution, in May 2012. The client and Tealium’s technical staff worked closely to create more than 70 profiles to manage tags in each of the different markets they operate worldwide. After comprehensive training on the solution, the client’s digital marketing team quickly became less dependent on their technical colleagues for assistance and were able to manage their tags with increased agility and autonomy.

Tealium iQ Delivers

After implementation, Tealium’s client quickly began reaping the benefits. IT teams were immediately less burdened with requests to deploy tags and, more importantly, senior management identified increase productivity from more streamlined working processes. The company found that the time to deploy a vendor tag was reduced from 90 days before implementation to just one to two hours through Tealium iQ. This allowed the company to increase marketing agility, free up IT resources, and more accurately capture the online data they required. In addition, through Tealium’s vendor neutrality, the company is better positioned to use best of breed vendors that make sense for its business.