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Greenstone Builds Better Customer Engagement Across All Digital Touch Points

Greenstone (formerly Hollard Financial Services) integrates Tealium into the digital heart of its business to manage four online brands and digital leads.

  • How to manage vendor tags on multiple web sites quickly and efficiently
  • Creating a single version of data that both marketing and IT can share
  • Implement the Tealium iQ™ tag management system across all web sites
  • Tealium’s data layer creates platform for data management and collaboration
  • Enables faster web site changes and updates so internal team can take on bigger projects

Five years ago, inbound calls to the contact center dominated new business for Greenstone’s insurance brands. Today the majority of leads and new business is delivered via digital channels.

Real-time is the New Normal

“The rapid move to digital is much more than just a change in revenue streams,” said Mark Dawson, senior manager, digital at Greenstone. “Customer expectations and time to market with marketing campaigns changed as well—we can’t afford to wait weeks or months. Real-time is the new normal and Tealium helps to deliver real-time customer data that can be used across any of the other digital channels.”

The web sites for Greenstone brands—RSPCA pet insurance, Choosi, Real Insurance and Australian Seniors Insurance Agency—all rely on the Tealium iQtag management system for the creation of a marketing exploitable data layer. According to Dawson, Tealium is now “an integral part of the business and relied upon to provide a single source of data.”

Greenstone’s marketing technology stack includes seven customer channel vendors and two internal measurement vendors.

A Common Data Language

“We had a vision of a single view of each customer and the same view for both marketing and IT,” said Dawson. “Digital and IT are working together more and more, and need to be able to share data back and forth for projects and day-to-day operations. It adds needless complication if there are different versions of data. Tealium gives us a common data language that has enabled us to focus on bigger projects across the web sites—and achieve success faster.”

Tealium builds a unifying data layer between all the web site pages and all third-party suppliers across all marketing channels.

“This single source of data means consistent data driving every channel so we can build consistent customer experiences across channels like retargeting, email and social. It also means it’s easier to consolidate outcomes from each channel into a cohesive customer profile that we can action confidently,” stated Dawson.

Faster Page Loading

Technically, the Tealium iQ solution is already improving the customer digital experience by reducing page load overhead so web site pages load faster, encouraging visitors to stay longer. The data from these longer visits is then available to Greenstone to hone existing interaction channels or trial new channels or vendors easily and quickly.

“Using Tealium we know the data is ours to do with as we want, and limits risk strategically and operationally. We’re not wedded to a single technology vendor, so we can avoid the integration risks and concentrate on providing a great customer experience through any touch point,” concluded Dawson.

About Greenstone

Greenstone specializes in the design, marketing, distribution and administration of personal insurance products.

Since its establishment by the Hollard Insurance Group in 2007, Greenstone has focused on developing simple and affordable direct insurance products for its customers.

During this time Greenstone has expanded its insurance product offering to include term life, funeral, income protection and pet insurance products. These insurance products are distributed through Greenstone’s Proprietary Brands (Real Insurance, Australian Seniors Insurance Agency, Guardian Insurance and Prime Pet Insurance) and Affinity Brands (Medibank, Woolworths and RSPCA).

Greenstone also distributes its proprietary and affinity products as well as third party insurance products, namely private health, car and home and contents insurance products, through its online comparison web site, Choosi.

Greenstone is known for outstanding value, leading customer satisfaction and has one of the most recognized brands in the Australian life insurance market, Real Insurance.