Today’s digital businesses use 91 cloud services on average. The utilization of so many technologies creates fragmented data that sits in silos, and as a result, most organizations aren’t able to take action on their data and see a single view of their customer.

This data and analytics focused Industry Expert Series will unearth the biggest challenges and root causes facing data-centric organizations today while providing ideas, recommendations and results-oriented solutions for savvy data, analyst, and martech professionals.


Unearth The Hidden Value In Your Data With Customer Analytics

Industry Expert:
Brandon Purcell
Principal Analyst, Forrester


Building a Foundation for Analytics Success Through Data Governance

Industry Expert:
Joe Christoper
VP Analytics, Blast Analytics & Marketing


Designing and Executing Methodologies for Data Collection, Enrichment, and Activation

Industry Expert:
Ted Sfikas
Director of Solutions Consultants, NA & LATAM, Tealium


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