An in-depth look at the Tealium products that fuel your digital marketing ecosystem.

Tealium’s award-winning products are developed through an ongoing discussion and collaboration between the company and its global customer base. This collection of datasheets is meant to provide you with a comprehensive view of the key features and benefits that comprise Tealium’s universal data hub, which encompasses tag management, segmentation and real-time action, and enterprise data feeds and services.

Tealium Product Overview

Tealium Universal Data Hub

Tealium’s Universal Data Hub is a single approach to collecting and managing your customer data to make it available to every customer touchpoint and marketing technology vendor in real time. With over 1,000 pre-built vendor integrations, Tealium’s Universal Data Hub ensures that every aspect of your customer experience strategy–across web, mobile, advertising, offline and beyond– shares the same up-to-the-moment data to fuel exceptional customer experiences and insights.

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Tealium iQ™ Tag Management

Tealium iQ Tag Management empowers users to control and manage their data and vendors across web, mobile, IoT and connected devices. As the foundation of Tealium’s Universal Data Hub, the Tealium iQ solution enables marketing organizations to unify disparate data sources, drive more consistent visitor interactions and control MarTech implementations.

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Tealium EventStream

Tealium EventStream is a lightweight data collection and delivery solution ideal for mobile, IoT and connected devices— or desktop and web when performance is critical. It is an API hub giving you ultimate flexibility to get all your cloud-based (server-side) data to one, central hub where anyone can orchestrate the data powering customer experience.

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Tealium AudienceStream®

As part of Tealium’s Universal Data Hub, AudienceStream powers digital businesses to create a unified view of customers and automate actions across every touchpoint and vendor in your entire digital ecosystem. You will gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior by stitching together unknown and known profiles, providing marketing and customer intelligence teams with a complete set of actionable online and offline interaction data.

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Tealium DataAccess™

Tealium DataAccess is a rich set of customer data services that fuels cross‑channel personalization and real–time customer interactions. DataAccess offers a clean, fully correlated dataset of visitor behavior or visitor profile data—all delivered to your real–time customer data supply chain. Unify and own all of the customer data available across your organization to fuel deeper insights.

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Additional Resources

What is tag management?
What is Tag Management?

A tag management system (TMS) makes its easy to manage the implementation of digital marketing technology solutions.

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A tree's rings
What is a Data Layer?

In short, it is a behind-the-scenes structure that web sites and mobile apps tap into to ensure consistent visitor data.

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Blue Extension Cord
Tealium iQ Extensions

Choosing the right digital marketing tools for your technology stack can be daunting. Engaging and converting visitors is the ultimate goal, so having options that allow you to test, evaluate, and optimize your investments will get you closer to running successful campaigns.

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IT Guy Sitting in Data Center
Privacy and Data Governance

Data protection and international privacy compliance are important. The Tealium iQ tag management system provides precise control over the data and the practices surrounding your vendors.

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Fiber Optics
Multi-CDN Capability

Tealium has created the world’s first multi-CDN network for delivering web site vendor tags quicker and more efficiently than ever before, ensuring optimal speed and performance. The Tealium iQ multi-CDN network is the fastest Tag Management Network in the world.

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AudienceStream interface on a tablet
Omni-Channel Enrichment

The Tealium AudienceStream omnichannel enrichment technology marries your existing AudienceStream visitor profile data with your visitor data from other enterprise sources. This action closes the loop on consumer behaviors that occur in other online or offline channels, enabling highly relevant marketing actions.

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Visitor Stitching vs Vistior Linking - girl with mobile and tablet
Visitor Stitching

The pursuit of personalized and relevant omnichannel campaigns requires a unified view of consumer behavior across all devices. Now you can have it.

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Data Governance Checklist

5 Steps for Balancing Customer Experience with Privacy & Security

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Mobile, IoT and Connected Devices

Integrate mobile data seamlessly across your tech stack to engage your customers on any device, at any time and with a consistent and relevant message.

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Tealium iQ vs Free TMS

To evaluate what system is right for your business, it’s important to consider the overall ROI for adopting a tag management solution beyond product cost. Solutions should enable your business to move quicker, reduce resource costs, enable employees and ultimately empower the organization to leverage data more easily.

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Information Security

Securing the data that powers customer experience technologies is not only important for gaining customer trust, but also is mandated by emerging regulations. Tealium’s Universal Data Hub provides organizations unparalleled InfoSec capabilities to support compliance efforts.

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Mobile Glossary

With so many mobile technologies in the Digital Marketing space, it can be hard to keep track of the ever-increasing number of related acronyms and terms they bring with them. Tealium is here to help you define and understand OTT from IoT and SDKs from APKs.

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