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World’s largest vacation-rentals search engine saves >$100K annually with improved attribution accuracy.

  • Meet aggressive revenue goals
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Simplify management of 80+ pixels
  • Improve attribution accuracy
  • Implement the Tealium iQ™ solution with Channel Extension for simplicity, speed, and accuracy
  • Gain >$100K one-year savings from attribution accuracy
  • Deploy tags 24X faster, launch 4X more campaigns
  • Boost traffic 10% from previously untapped secondary channels

The World’s Your Oyster

Dreaming about lounging your vacation days away in a Hawaiian oceanside estate? Or perhaps at a more affordable bungalow in the tropical Maldives? Whatever your destination desire, you can find the perfect accommodation and book it on Instantly compare millions of vacation homes and short-term rentals in some 150,000 destinations, customizing searches by location, price, amenities, and more. Find the perfect property, and then seamlessly book your stay. With a world of exciting options available in a single space, lets travelers save time and money by book at the best price.

Tealium to Get There from Here aggregates vacation-home listings from VRBO,, HomeAway, Wimdu, and dozens more of the industry’s most popular vacation rental sites. Already the world’s largest metasearch engine for vacation rentals, the company differentiates itself with unique aggregation capabilities and superb site execution.

Colin Gardiner, Vice President of Operations at, says that getting to that model of efficiency required streamlining channel activation and management. “Our revenue and attribution models are extremely complex. On the paid-search side of the business, we collect revenue data for many different conversion types across multiple Google, Bing, and other search accounts. For affiliate relationships, we set up unique attribution logic for every channel. At 80-some pixels overall, the management process became unwieldy—we were spending too much time working on tags rather than on growth-generating initiatives. We wanted to find a better solution.”

Gardiner’s team evaluated several tag management products, ultimately selecting the Tealium iQtag management system for critical functionality such as: 1) asynchronous tag loading to preserve site performance; 2) integrations with key digital marketing partners, including Optimizely for A/B testing; and 3) robust customization capabilities. “The Tealium iQ channel attribution extension was a major selling point for us, “adds Gardiner, “enabling easy, per-channel customization of tag behavior.”

Fast Road to Revenue

Evan Waters, Director of Marketing at, talks results: “Since we started using Tealium, our revenues have grown more than 2,000 percent. Over that time period, we estimate Tealium directly contributed 10 percent to overall income, serving as a catalyst for our technology mix. Additionally, we successfully launched four times more campaigns than forecasted, we are deploying tags 24 times faster, and we have generated substantial new traffic.”

The Attribution Price is Right—Every Time

Gardiner says that attribution accuracy saves more than $100,000 annually. “Tealium gives us both speed and accuracy. We can quickly set up unique attribution logic for each affiliate, a process that used to take two developers more than two days, plus a day of my time for review. Now we apply those resource savings to growth initiatives, developing new user features or projects to drive organic traffic. Tealium has made our business better and we’re pleased to be using it.”

The Best Place to Stay

“Tealium iQ is unique in the market and integral to our data collection, providing a foundation for our overall data infrastructure,” summarizes Gardiner. “We’ve pulled a lot of business logic out of our code and put it into Tealium for better manageability. The simplicity and depth of customization that Tealium affords has enabled us to trust our data as we scale. It’s a key enabler of our business and long-term growth.”

About is the world’s largest search engine for vacation and short-term rentals. With more than 5 million properties in 150,000 destinations, gives travelers the widest selection of unique accommodations around the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, helps travelers find the perfect place to stay on vacation.