Beachbody- The Path to Digital Transformation: Adapting to a New Digital Economy

What if the music industry had created Napster before their industry was turned upside down? Or if Blockbuster acquired Netflix and became the streaming powerhouse? What would these businesses look like today if they had more readily responded to a changing market? Recently, wellness and fitness company, Beachbody, found themselves faced with a customer base whose needs and behaviors were drastically shifting. Instead of maintaining status quo, Beachbody forged a new, transformative path and set goals to serve more people, get them more engaged and serve the company. In our second keynote, Beachbody CTO, Gerry Campbell, will share a true story of digital transformation and walk us through how the organization laid out goals and plans to holistically transform their digital business to adapt to the changing expectations of customers.

Resource Type: Video
Topic: Data Orchestration
Section: Customer Stories, Digital Velocity