Customer Data Platforms: How to choose the right type for your Customer Data Strategy

Arguably, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are one of the hottest technologies in the marketing technology space right now. Gartner recently released a report identifying the top four “Trends That Will Transform How Marketers Run Their Technology Ecosystems,” and CDPs were at the top of the list. But, as the report also notes, half of enterprise companies say the CDP is their CRM system. So…what’s going on?

As the CDP space becomes more crowded than ever, there are lots of questions around what a CDP should do, as well as which CDP is right for each business or organisation.

Join to learn more about what is a Customer Data Platform (and what it isn’t) along with:

  • The why of CDP
  • The state of the CDP today
  • Different types of CDPs
  • Which CDP is right for you?
  • Which strategy (Customer data orchestration vs. campaign orchestration) will drive your CDP adoption?
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