CX and the Customer Journey have always been at the forefront for the team at Carglass. Through transforming and connecting each touchpoint in the customer journey, allowed Carglass to finally work out a real-world value and attribution across channels in the 21st century with some exceptional results, but creating the best experience for their customers that they can offer is an evolution, not a one time project! Listen to our session sharing how, with a high level of interaction through phone and service centres, Carglass have removed the IVR menu and are now utilising their Voicebot data to increase CX and improve personalisation in 2021 to show incredible results!

Resource Type: Video, Webinar
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Data Layer, Data Orchestration, First-Party Data, GDPR, Governance, Identity Resolution, Personalization, Privacy
Product: AudienceStream Customer Data Platform
Vertical: B2B, Retail,B2b,Hospitality,Healthcare,Financial,Media,Digital Services
Business Issue: Data Governance (Compliance), Data Governance (Quality), Data Readiness, Deeper Customer Insights, Digital Transformation, Single View of the Customer (Insights), Single View of the Customer (Personalization/Experience)
Section: Digital Velocity