Organizing Your Teams Around The Customer Journey: Driving Success with Data and Technology

Kerry Dawes, Director of Digital Consumer Experience, The Rank Group
Ben Stephenson, Consultant, 120 Feet

Organizations are setting out to be data-driven but year after year it often remains an unfilled initiative. The technology isn’t failing them, it’s often the operations and rigid internal silos. So how does an organization develop collaboration for data transformation? Progress internal teams to a place where change and transformation is the new ‘normal?’ How do they handle change management and the adoption of a disruptive technology like Tealium Customer Data Hub? In this session with Kerry Dawes of The Rank Group and their agency partner, Ben Stephenson of 120 Feet, we’ll learn about The Rank Group’s journey in driving true organisational change resulting in an exceptional omnichannel strategy and improved view of the customers across all screens and devices.

At the conclusion of the session, Kerry and Ben have done a special live Q&A with DVEU attendees.

Resource Type: Video
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Data Orchestration, Tag Management
Product: AudienceStream Customer Data Platform, DataAccess, EventStream API Hub, TiQ Tag Management
Vertical: Digital Services
Section: Digital Velocity