Ready for What’s Next: Future Proofing Your Data Privacy and Compliance Efforts

Now that you’ve gone from the basics to best practices data privacy strategies for regulatory compliance, let’s talk about what’s next. While the CCPA may be at the forefront of the customer data privacy conversation today, more regulations will continue to pop up. Rather than scrambling to maintain compliance with each new law, brands need to establish a real time data supply chain upon which data governance can be built to comply with local regulations.

Join Jake Spencer, Product Marketing Manager at Tealium and Julian Llorente, Director of Product at Tealium to hear real-world stories of how some of the world’s biggest companies are future-proofing their data privacy efforts to stay ahead of the game (and how you can too).

You’ll also take away:

  • How Tealium’s Consent Manager and Data Privacy Extensions work as well as how Tealium integrates with Consent Management Platforms (CMP)
  • How to bring together teams and technology to implement your data privacy strategies and best practices
  • Where your CCPA and GDPR efforts can help in future-proofing your customer data privacy practices
Resource Type: Webinar
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Privacy
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