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Redefine What’s Possible

Redefine what’s possible with digital marketing, eliminate complexity and maximize the value of your customers in real time.

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Tealium’s solutions work separately, and are even more powerful in tandem, providing marketers with a single place to go to select vendors based on peer rankings, enable tags without software development, and help solve their big data challenges at the source.

Tealium iQ

Enterprise Tag Management

Tealium iQ makes it easy to deploy and manage mission critical third-party vendor tags, and then correlate the
 visitor data those tags generate into an actionable source.

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Tealium AudienceStream

Digital Data Distribution

Tealium AudienceStream is the industry’s first real-time audience discovery service, helping marketers solve their big data initiatives at the source and take action on their visitors to increase results.

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Why Tealium? See How We Differ From the Competition

Tealium makes tag management easier and faster, and works in conjunction with Tealium’s pioneering new data distribution capabilities.

Ease of Use

Don’t know JavaScript? No problem. With a point-and-click approach for managing tagging requirements, Tealium simplifies tag management.

Data-Centric Approach

Manage your tags, and then correlate the data those tags generate to take action on your visitors in real time. Tealium has pioneered the first digital data distribution platform.

Massive Scale and Performance

Tealium’s unique multi-CDN network guarantees tags are delivered from the fastest CDN in any given region at any given time.

Enterprise? Check.

Planning to launch a mobile app? Need global privacy compliance? How about auditing? Tealium offers a long list of enterprise capabilities to ensure your technology can keep up with your innovation.

We Are Fanatical About Your Success

Tag management and digital data distribution platforms are new innovations. We get that. That’s why Tealium has created a comprehensive customer training and education program.

Tealium Learning Community (TLC) is a socially-driven knowledge sharing platform to interact with other users, discover new features, and learn tips and tricks.

Discover the TLC

Tealium University Boot Camps are regional training course that feature live testing environments and best practices from tag management and digital marketing experts.

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Tealium offers the largest customer training and education initiatives in the industry, including free weekly online training sessions for all Tealium customers.

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