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From quotes and coverage to claims, build personalized experiences with trusted customer data.

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Customer Data Builds Trusted Experiences

The Challenge
Why Does It Matter?
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Insurance companies use CDPs to solve challenges

Disruption, the New Normal

Insurance carriers face big changes in consumer behavior, public health, world climate, and regulations too — whew!

New challenges demand new ideas. Unfortunately, legacy infrastructure and tight regulations make it tough to keep up.

How can insurers ditch generic customer experiences and deliver convenient, convincing personalization — without taking on more risk?

Insurance companies use CDPs to create solutions

More Value, Less Risk

A data-first strategy gives you the power to meet policyholders' diverse needs, while enabling regulatory compliance.

By building a unified, real-time value chain of trusted data, you get all your teams on the same page: marketing, analytics, and developers.

In turn, you will deliver the foundation of dynamic, effective marketing: personalized experiences for each prospect and customer.

Quality Data

Integrate, Orchestrate, Profit

With Tealium's Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can point-and-click to access rich customer profiles, discover new audiences, gain predictive insights, and orchestrate marketing across channels.

Powerful data governance through a single point of control lets you activate your data with total confidence. And our vendor-neutral CDP works with all your tools and marketing clouds, today and tomorrow.

How Tealium Powers the Entire Insurance Customer Data Supply Chain

Diagram showing the CDP’s role in public sector services for collecting and acting on customer data

Tealium for Insurance Carriers

Use real-time, unified data to deliver targeted messaging, generate accurate quotes, and create policy-buying experiences that give customers peace of mind.

Unify Identities
Privacy First
Increased ROAS
Faster Responses
Higher Lifetime Value

Unify Data to Understand Your Customers and Deliver Personalized Experiences

Tealium is the foundation of an entire data supply chain to collect, enrich, and activate your customer data in real time. Connect identities across mobile, web, emails, voice calls, and more to build consistent, informed outreach.

Secure Data and Honor Privacy Preferences

Handle data with care? Of course! Tealium offers certified security and built-in tools to govern and audit customer data throughout its full lifecycle.

Honor privacy and neutrality in real time, fostering customer trust and reducing your own regulatory, financial, and reputation risks.

Increase Lead Quality, Earn More Conversions at Lower Cost

Apply cross-channel personalization and better behavior-informed retargeting to earn higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

You can also automatically deactivate campaign targets the moment they convert, curbing wasted spend (and keeping outdated ads from annoying your customers).

Boost New Customer Acquisition With Faster, Smarter Response Times and Call Routing

Slash first response time (FRT), reduce manual CRM data entry errors, and provide call center or local agents with a real-time, automated lead flow — including context like campaigns, products, and content already viewed.

Predictive Insights Plus Better Experience Equals Less Churn, More Lifetime Value

Delighted customers are lifetime customers. Keep yours overjoyed with consistent, data-driven, and personalized online service. Gain a deeper view into evolving needs and effective offers, while spotting early signs of possible attrition.

nib Unlocks the Value of Personalisation with Tealium


In a short space of time, nib gained access to a wealth of high-quality data that enabled tracking more than 113 million events. With Tealium, the company applied data-driven insights to agile creative execution, dramatically increasing marketable leads by 175%.

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“Tealium’s role as a trusted advisor, coupled with its future-ready solutions, streamlined nib’s CX innovation journey into three simple steps: transform, optimise and accelerate.”

Adam Hatfield

Head of Digital, nib

Deliver the Best Outcomes, Without Limitations

Tealium features over 1,300+ turnkey integrations so you can quickly and effectively connect your systems and data.

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