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Unifying Digital and Physical Journeys for Better Customer Experiences

The Challenge
Why Does It Matter?
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The Challenge

Connecting HCP and patient journeys in a timely manner

Pharma companies have a challenging task— engaging both Health Care Professionals (HCPs) and patients across an increasingly complex omnichannel journey. Typically, this journey is dotted with hard-to-integrate technologies, siloed teams, and regulatory concerns. That says nothing of the challenge of measuring the effectiveness of programs meant to lift prescriptions of new drugs. Yet, solving this challenge comes with significant rewards all around.

Personalized Care

Higher Customer Satisfaction and Revenue Growth

Delivering connected journeys for HCPs and patients (instead of focusing on individual touchpoints) is critical for Pharma companies to increase prescription rates, adoption, adherence, customer satisfaction, and ultimately revenue growth. Well-integrated first-party data is the connective tissue that enables Pharma brands to finally engage with customers in a way that builds on the promise of clinical strength. Putting experience at the heart of your product strategy is the prescription for success required to succeed today and into the future.

Quality Data

Tealium for Pharma delivers trusted omnichannel experiences

Tealium has dedicated solutions tailored to the highly regulated and diverse needs of the pharma industry. With specialized integrations for niche technologies across the full HCP and patient journeys, extensive tooling and certifications for regulatory compliance, and the most flexible platform for automating integrations across a complex data landscape, Tealium is the only CDP that is built to support the range of use cases that Pharma demands.

Tealium for Pharma Product Spotlight

Tealium for Pharma combines strategic technology integrations and partnerships in order to fully automate and activate customer journeys (HCP and patients) across physical and digital channels. Work with technologies like Veeva for CRM data, Doceree for advertising, Pulsepoint and/or DMD by IQVIA for identifying, understanding and engaging HCPs across the entire journey.

With Tealium for Pharma, companies can better access and automate data flows across critical Pharma systems to produce better experiences.

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“Tealium for Pharma answers our customers’ demand for a better connection to their vast array of audiences, spanning healthcare providers, patients and more. This curated collection of real-time integrations with healthcare provider (HCP) engagement tools and cloud storage providers, like Doceree, Veeva, and DMD by IQVIA, will improve digital experiences with compliant, personalized delivery of healthcare communications. Tealium’s focused approach to the pharmaceutical industry will increase marketing success for some of the world’s largest brands by connecting the online and offline HCP journey.” TK Kristiansen Song Intelligence Leadership Team (leads first party data enablement across several global pharma clients)

How Tealium Powers the Entire Customer Data Supply Chain

Sanofi Achieves Regulatory Compliance While Optimizing Ad Spend and Increasing Efficiency


In addition to providing a compliant and efficient data foundation, Tealium enabled Sanofi to improve the results of customer experience efforts. By better understanding visitor behavior, Sanofi estimates a 10% improvement in a month, leading to roughly 500 potential new registrants - a big win for Pharma.


“There were a number of benefits to Tealium. Operational, business, market engagement, and then strategic fit and scalability, which is really important."

Andrew Isaacs

Principal at Cognizant Technology Solutions

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Use Cases

Use real-time, unified data to build more trusted relationships with HCPs and patients, drive timely and targeted messaging across their journeys, and create experiences that cut through the crowded marketplace.

Harness First-party Data and Beyond
Connect Online and Offline Experiences
Automate Data Integration
Increase Script Lift with Targeted Engagement
Gain and Use New Insights

Collect and unify first-party and third-party data in real-time to understand and target HCP and patient behavior

First-party data is your most valuable asset, but third-party data can also add insights allowing you to enrich HCP and patient experiences. Tealium gives you the tools to directly measure first-party data across your owned venues, and bring in a variety of additional data sources.

But to effectively drive new revenue, you have to be able to put this data to work. Not only does Tealium provide unmatched data collection capabilities, but our 1300+ integration ecosystem, including niche Pharma integrations, provides you the flexibility to use data how you want. Break down data silos, unify your insights, and put them to work with capabilities built specifically for pharma.

Connect HCP and patient journeys across individual touchpoints, both online and offline

HCP and patient journeys are notoriously complex, spanning online and offline engagement. HCPs are commonly engaged in physical settings by sales reps, while patients browse websites, visit doctors and pharmacies, and commonly via mobile devices.

Tealium has the flexibility and compliance capabilities to connect the complex data ecosystem that pharma companies need. With integrations across CRM systems like Veeva, and engagement tools like DMD by IQVIA, and beyond, pharma companies are able to better drive script lift and increase revenue growth. Enable your sales team with connected online and offline insights.

Achieve operational efficiency while reducing compliance risk

Data integration efforts can be manual and time consuming, especially for the niche technologies in the pharma industry. Pharma companies also commonly have multiple product lines and global teams that must be enabled with the same insights. These manual efforts not only waste time and slow time-to-market but increase risk to the organization.

Automated data collection, integration, and activation create richer HCP and patient journeys while ensuring regulatory compliance. Empower LOBs and regional teams with rich data insights that are trusted, and provide an edge in competitive markets across the globe.

Increase Script Lift with Targeted Engagement

Discover audience segments that you otherwise would never have known about with cross-channel, cross-device customer data. Then use these segments to engage across your tech stack with relevant experiences no matter the channel. With integrations to pharma-specific engagement technologies like Doceree and DMD, and more common venues like Meta and Google, your organization is empowered to truly impact customer journeys.

Rich insights and a broad activation ecosystem mean that you can understand HCPs and patients like never before, and use that understanding to drive targeted, measurable action.

Gain and use new insights to impact customer journeys

Directly measuring HCP and patient behavior across owned venues provides a rich foundation for understanding customer journeys. However, what about when that journey spans across channels you don’t own or can’t measure digitally? The Tealium Customer Data Hub gives you the tools to get data from more sources than ever, including offline and 3rd party venues where drug research more commonly takes place.

With the right integrations providing access to offline insights, specialty integrations providing insights into research on 3rd party venues such as WebMD and Medscape, and direct measurement capabilities, you can understand HCP and patient journeys like never before.

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