The way we communicate is constantly evolving, and studies predict that mobile traffic will surpass desktop traffic by the end of 2015. Enterprises are focusing on building out their mobile channels, and marketers are eager to understand how visitors interact with those channels so they can deliver an optimal experience.

Tags have allowed marketers and web analytics professionals to gather the right data about their visitors and take action to improve their experience. But adding and updating tags on mobile websites and mobile apps can be a headache for any enterprise. Changes to mobile apps require specialized expertise from developers, and also requires re-submitting the app for approval by the mobile platform operator (e.g., Apple, Google).

Tealium streamlines the process for deploying and managing tags across mobile channels, and removes the need to re-submit your app whenever a change is made, helping data-driven marketers be more agile and efficient.

Unify data across all touch points

The mobile experience is quickly evolving to be as important as the website experience. Most enterprises have mobile-friendly sites or apps. If your organization has a mobile presence and isn’t measuring mobile and web data side-by-side, then marketing can’t make efficient decisions to improve the customer experience. Tealium unifies data from web and mobile so you have a reliable foundation for understanding your visitors across channels.

Simplify a complex process

Deploying a new mobile analytics vendor or other mobile marketing solutions is a costly and time-consuming process, in which the slightest change to an existing mobile vendor tag can result in lengthy delays. Tealium removes the heavy lifting. After deploying the Tealium library, you can manage all your vendor tags through the Tealium iQ console without requiring IT resources.

App availability, in your control

Making changes to mobile app tags are particularly problematic because once a change is made it requires re-applying for certification from the platform operator. Tealium bypasses this completely. Once Tealium is implemented within the app, marketers can make changes to their solutions on the fly, without touching the source code or recompiling the app — eliminating the need to have it re-certified. Best of all, Tealium is prepared for current and future mobile initiatives, and is compatible with every major mobile platform: iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry!

Event-based Tracking

Tealium’s patent-pending Mobile Companion enables data-driven teams to access and identify specific links and events within their apps, including buttons, sliders, and more. Users can directly add tags or tracking calls around any event without involving IT or recompiling the app.

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