Tealium iQ Features

Tealium iQ Tag Management gives marketers a powerful and efficient tool to collect and deliver event data between digital properties and data vendors.

Tealium iQ Tag Management Features

As the foundation of Tealium’s Customer Data Hub, Tealium iQ helps organizations unify disparate data sources and drive consistent customer experiences. Equipped with an ecosystem of over 1,300 turnkey vendor integrations offered via tags and APIs, you can easily deploy and manage vendor tags, test new technologies, and finally take control of your marketing technology stack.

Tealium iQ Tag Management gives marketers a powerful and efficient tool to collect and deliver event data between digital properties and data vendors.

Integration Ecosystem

Tag Marketplace
Tealium iQ Feature - Marketplace

Tag Marketplace

The Tag Marketplace is your one-stop source for finding supported vendor tags and adding them to your profile. It offers tags spanning a variety of categories, such as Ad Display, Analytics, Affiliates, and Social Media. Gain operational efficiencies and speed your time to market for customer data initiatives with easy access to over 900 vendor tag integrations and a flexible approach with both client-side and server-side delivery (with EventStream). Common tags include:
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Braze
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics 4
  • AB Tasty

Tealium iQ Feature - Extensions


In addition to providing traditional tag management capabilities like adding and removing marketing tags, Tealium iQ Tag Management also includes additional capabilities for data standardization, data collection, managing compliance and more through customizations known as “extensions”. Common extensions include:
  • E-Commerce Extension - Leverage E-Commerce Data
  • Segmentation Extension - Enable Split Testing
  • View-Through Tracking - Instant Ad Creative and Campaign Insights
  • Consent Management - Privacy Compliance Across Your Tech Stack
  • Currency Converter - Compare Apples to Apples
  • JavaScript Code Extension - Build a Customizable Extension

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Command and Control Your Data

Profile Libraries
Load Rules
TiQ Events
Tealium iQ Feature - Data Layer

View real-time performance metrics with Tealium iQ’s Dashboard. The dashboard displays a summary of the profile configuration, tag metrics for the current profile, and a list of recent changes. Use the dashboard to quickly jump to a specific area within your account.

Disseminate and standardize configurations including tags and the data layer consistently across all your implementations. Gain control of your digital marketing world and ensure productivity, security, and quality of your deployments. Inherit properties across site profiles, assign user level permissions to key functions, or set up multiple deployment environments for testing are a few of the ways Tealium iQ gives you command and control of your data.

With the Load Rules feature, you define the conditions that dictate when and where to load a tag. Load rules can also be linked to consent and to the following extensions:
  • Currency Converter
  • Data Validation
  • Channels

Power up your data collection initiatives with TiQ Events. Track web events such as video plays, scroll tracking or mouseover interactions, and more. With TiQ Events decrease the amount of custom code being written and shorten the amount of time it takes to implement web tracking.

Data Governance


Assign user permissions at the profile-level and account-level. Set up multiple deployment environments for testing, and prevent unauthorized users from making changes. Account-level permissions pertain to the management of the account, site scans, and profiles. Profile-level permissions include user management, tag templates and version control.

Consent Management

Provide website visitors with convenient opt-out choices, audit data collection, and enforce privacy preferences across your whole tech stack. Comply with privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA. Additionally, with TiQ’s new consent Integrations, enforce end-user consent decisions captured by non-Tealium consent management platforms.

Dynamic Data Layer Management

Solutions - Single View of the Customer
Data Layer

Fuel Your Tags with Data

Tags need data from your website or application. Tealium recommends a Universal Data Object (UDO) to centralize your data. This UDO can be supplemented by Querystring Parameters, First-Party Cookies, JavaScript Variables, and Meta Data Elements. These Variables comprise your Data Layer. After configuring your Data Layer, Tealium iQ's Code Center will generate the code to be placed in your website or application. The Data Layer API is a unique approach to data layer classification without coding.

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