Tealium iQ

The World’s Leading Enterprise Tag Management Solution

Tealium iQ™ powers more web experiences than any other enterprise tag management provider.  

As the foundation of Tealium’s Universal Data Hub, the Tealium iQ tag management solution enables marketing organizations to unify disparate data sources and drive more consistent visitor interactions. Equipped with an ecosystem of hundreds of turnkey vendor integrations, you can easily deploy and manage vendor tags, test new technologies, and finally take control of your marketing technology stack.

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Key Benefits of Tealium iQ

Unified customer data sources – With the Tealium iQ data layer, all of your digital data is centralized into an accurate source of event and transaction information that can be shared across your marketing applications. Learn more.

Industry’s largest integration ecosystem – The Tealium tag marketplace houses turnkey integrations with an industry-leading 950+ digital marketing vendors, more than all other enterprise-class tag management systems combined. Learn more.

Reliable, trusted architecture –  Choosing the leading, trusted tag management means choosing the most scalable tag management solution. Despite serving up a record 3.4 billion tags on Cyber Monday 2015 and powering 80% more web traffic than the previous year, Tealium was named one of the Top Five Fastest Tags for the second year in a row by Ghostery.

Controlled, secure deployments – Tealium iQ gives you the ability to inherit properties across site profiles, assign user level permissions to key functions, or set up multiple deployment environments for testing.

Robust privacy capabilities – Robust privacy capabilities enable organizations to provide website visitors with convenient opt-out choices, audit the data collection of all marketing vendors, and support Do Not Track whether a specific vendor does or not. Learn more.

Fastest tag delivery network – Tealium’s unique multi-CDN tag delivery network ensures that vendor tags are served up at best-in-class speeds, eliminating round-trip calls to an application server for instructions on how tags should load. With this approach, Tealium serves tags faster than any other tag management solution, making it the perfect choice for organizations with complex requirements or multiple high-traffic web sites. Learn more.


“Since we started using Tealium, our revenues have grown more than 2,000 percent. Over that time period, we estimate Tealium directly contributed 10 percent to overall income, serving as a catalyst for our technology mix.”

– Evan Waters, Director of Marketing at Tripping.com

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Success Stories

Learn how HARMAN International boosted e-commerce revenue by 100 percent using the Tealium iQ tag management system as a technology catalyst.

Learn how Citrix’s SaaS division increased marketing productivity by 10X using the Tealium iQ tag management system to manage its digital marketing and analytics solutions.

Learn how Charter’s marketing team lifted e-commerce sales to 25 percent of total e-commerce revenues using the Tealium iQ tag management system.