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The World’s Leading Enterprise Tag Management System

The Tealium iQ™ tag management system is a powerful and highly extensible solution that helps marketers easily manage their mission-critical technologies across web and mobile channels. Tealium iQ drives the complexity out of vendor tag deployments and is the cornerstone for achieving unified marketing, i.e., the ability to harmonize applications and data to drive superior cross-channel customer interactions.

New to Tag Management Systems? Here’s a Quick Primer:

Tags are snippets of code that nearly every digital marketing vendor requires their customers to embed in the source code of their web sites and mobile applications.

A tag management system is a new type of application that makes it easy for digital marketers and IT professionals to deploy and manage these tags via an intuitive user interface with no coding required.

A key part of enterprise-class tag management systems is the data layer, the behind-the-scenes data and structure that drive customer interactions in web, mobile, and other digital channels.

What is Tag Management?
Tealium fastest tag management provider

Ghostery: Tealium 10% Faster Than the Next Closest Tag Manager

When it comes to tag management, speed matters. A tag management provider’s ability to deliver its clients tags anywhere in the world with maximum speed and efficiency is paramount to success. Even the smallest delay can adversely impact the customer experience. That’s why Tealium is proud to be recognized by Ghostery as both the fastest and most reliable tag management system (TMS) available, according to its independent analysis. In March 2015, Tealium was cited for having the highest availability of all TMS vendors at 99.82 percent. Three months earlier, Tealium topped Ghostery’s “naughty and nice” holiday tag list for being the fastest provider.

“Looking at both Cyber Monday and the overall holiday weekend, our data showed that Tealium was 10% faster than the next closest tag manager.

– Mark Rudolph, Chief Revenue Officer, Ghostery, commenting on the company’s holiday tag performance report.

5 Key Benefits of Tealium iQ

The Tealium iQ tag management system delivers highly strategic benefits across the organization. Here are five core benefits:

Faster vendor deployments – Launch your mission-critical solutions faster than ever before through an intuitive web interface. No more manual coding.

Increased productivity – Manage your vendor tags and key data points on the fly to help boost productivity across departments.

Improve web site performance – Boost page load speed and increase conversions through Tealium’s superior multi-CDN architecture.

Reduce costs – Free up valuable marketing and IT resources for other strategic projects.

Improved data governance – Deliver better privacy controls for consumers, while beefing up data accuracy and security.

Customer Quotable

“Using Tealium, marketers can deploy even complex tags in about 20 minutes—less time than it takes to write out an engineering ticket. Tealium gives us marketing velocity to outpace competitors and achieve more revenue, faster.” 

– Andrew Gambino, Director of Marketing and Analytics, JewelScent

Success Stories

Learn how HARMAN International boosted e-commerce revenue by 100 percent using the Tealium iQ tag management system as a technology catalyst.

Learn how Citrix’s SaaS division increased marketing productivity by 10X using the Tealium iQ tag management system to manage its digital marketing and analytics solutions.

Learn how Charter’s marketing team lifted e-commerce sales to 25 percent of total e-commerce revenues using the Tealium iQ tag management system.

Solutions by Role

Tealium’s innovative products help generate results for professionals across the digital marketing landscape.

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What is a Data Layer?

A data layer is the behind-the-scenes structure that web sites and mobile apps tap into for timely and consistent visitor data. Having a comprehensive data layer ensures robust visitor data is shared with your marketing technology partners and is the underpinning of a 360-degree composite view of your customers.

Solutions by Industry

Tealium’s innovative products help generate results for industries across the digital marketing landscape.



Technology Services

Tealium iQ Key Capabilities


Mobile Application Support

Tealium iQ puts you in control of vendor implementations across all digital touch points, including mobile apps – all from within the same intuitive user interface. Once the Tealium mobile library is implemented, you can easily make changes to your mobile analytics or add new mobile marketing solutions without having to re-certify the app through the platform provider.

tealium for mobile

Fast, Scalable Architecture

Tealium iQ’s unique multi-CDN tag delivery network ensures that your mission-critical vendor tags are delivered to your visitors at optimal speed anywhere in the world. In a recent survey by Ghostery, which tracks tag performance, Tealium was ranked the fastest tag management provider in the industry. This is one of the reasons why so many brands with large digital networks choose Tealium.


The Most Comprehensive Partner Ecosystem

Built from the ground up for business users, Tealium iQ offers turnkey tag integrations with 750+ digital marketing technologies, greatly simplifying the process for managing key technology solutions. To add a vendor tag, click on a vendor logo, add your account details, and select publish. The tag is deployed instantly without any code changes to the web site or mobile application.


Powerful Extensibility

Tealium iQ provides a massive library of pre-built modules called extensions. Extensions help you easily extend your core functionality without the need for custom programming. These additional capabilities allow you to modify content, transform data, test vendors, and collect custom data without modifying the page source code. No other vendor offers this level of extensibility.


Workflow Control and Flexibility

Whether you manage one site or hundreds of sites, Tealium iQ gives you the power necessary to ensure the productivity, security, and quality of your deployments. The ability to inherit properties across site profiles, assign user-level permissions for key functions, or setup multiple deployment environments, are a few of the ways Tealium iQ puts you in control.

Web Companion

Web Companion

Web Companion is an intuitive browser plug-in that allows you to manage and audit your vendor tag implementations while viewing your web site. You can expose different data elements available on a page, and easily map them into different vendor tags through Tealium iQ. Web Companion can also be used to define specific areas within a page that need to be assessed using enterprise A/B testing or personalization solutions.


Data Governance and Privacy

Tealium iQ provides robust privacy controls, including a privacy widget that offers site visitors convenient opt-out choices. Tealium iQ also allows you to audit the data collection practices of each vendor, while providing standardized data definitions across all solutions.

Server to Server
Server to Server

Tealium offers several different tag management methodologies, including a server-to-server configuration for clients who want to reduce the total number of pixel calls from their visitors’ browsers. Although a majority of Tealium’s clients use our pioneering client-side methodology, server-to-server is helpful in certain situations.

Server to Server
Site Scan

Site Scan

Fifty-one percent of organizations are using 21 or more digital marketing solutions, according to recent research. This makes it challenging to gauge how vendor tags are performing across each web page. Tealium’s Site Scan capability makes it easy to see which tags are on which pages of your web site, to ensure complete and accurate deployments.

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