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Your Digital Intelligence Strategy Must Match the Speed of your Customers

Executive Summary

Digital intelligence, the practice of continuously optimizing customer experiences with data, analytics, and insights, fuels every insights-driven business. Companies know that digital intelligence gives them a competitive advantage, yet progress toward mature digital intelligence strategies is hobbled as companies have incomplete strategies that don’t match customer behavior, fail to apply analytics at the speed of the customer, and can’t combine customer data across experiences and contexts.

In this report, Forrester explains that to remain competitive, digital intelligence practices must constantly refresh their view of customers with new data and insights that fuel optimization of the customer interactions that matter most to business outcomes. To achieve this, companies must build a strategic digital intelligence plan by:

  1. Continuously Evolving the Customer Experience
  2. Delivering Customer Insights and Obsession with Data and Technology Investment
  3. Creating an Insights-Driven Business with Talent, Process, and Organization
  4. Aligning Metrics and KPIs to the Most Relevant Business Goals
  5. Continually Boosting Customer Experience with Testing and Machine Learning
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