Comparison Matrix

Tealium iQ vs. Free Tag Management Solutions

Comparing solutions based on capability, experience and total cost of ownership

‘Why should my business pay for a tag management system (TMS) when there are free services available?’
That certainly is a valid question. There are various free tag management options available in the market today with the prevailing free solution being Google Tag Manager. While a free TMS can be a viable option, it is important to understand that “free” does not always mean “without cost.”

‘Free’ solutions cost your business money when:

  • Valuable IT resources are deferred from strategic projects to manually code and update unsupported tags
  • Marketing campaigns are delayed and revenue is lost because the best turnkey integrations aren’t available
  • Inaccurate analytics data resulting from implementation oversights leads to bad business decisions
  • Code on your website begins to slow page performance and affect conversions
  • Adequate security and privacy protections are not in place

To evaluate what system is right for your business, it’s important to evaluate the following critical criteria for adopting a tag management solution. Tag management systems should enable your business to move quicker, reduce costs, enable employees and ultimately empower the organization to leverage data more easily.