Tealium’s Identity Partner Ecosystem

Integrate and activate identity solutions to create better data-driven experiences

Tealium’s Identity Partner Ecosystem provides marketing professionals access to integrations with key identity providers with features to help enrich individual profiles. Richer data from identity providers means more intelligence for personalized experiences, the ability to cleanse data prior to ingestion, and enhanced addressability for targeting. By partnering for enhanced identity capabilities, you have the flexible capability to activate additional identifiers while meeting your marketing objectives - all in a privacy-safe way.

Key Identity Use Cases

Explore some of the valuable use cases Tealium’s Identity solutions are designed to solve.
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First Party Data Cleansing

Collect, clean, and normalize first party data into a single customer database in an ongoing process to ensure the quality of their service.

Benefit: Improve your data foundation at the core of driving engagement.

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Managing Multiple Identity Deployments

Manage multiple identity deployments to build better, more complete views of your customers.

Benefit: Improve the efficiency of your operations.

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Append 1st and 3rd Party Data

Identity and Data Management partners will return first and third party data to further enrich customer profiles.

Benefit: Improve the customer experience through a more complete data set with the help of partners.

Solutions - Single View of the Customer

Integrate with UID2.0

Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) provides holistic targeting and measurement for an internet that’s becoming more privacy-conscious. Activate data in emerging channels like Clean Rooms, Connected TV (CTV) and Digital out of Home (DOOH), etc.

Benefit: Improve ad targeting while maintaining user privacy.

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Identify Unknown Visitors

Identify unknown browsers and enrich profiles with data provided by identity vendor to provide personalized experience.

Benefit: Optimizing the value of traffic to owned and operated properties.

Activate Addressable Audiences

Fill the gaps left by 3rd party cookies by leveraging cookieless identifiers and hashed PII along with first party data insights from a central source.

Benefit: Drive greater results from campaigns by increasing addressability.

Tealium’s Identity Partner Ecosystem

Tealium provides access to a large number of identity partner integrations across the platform: iQ Tag Management, EventStream, Data Access, AudienceStream, and Functions.

Tealium's Identity Partners provide the following services:
  • Collect, clean, and normalize first party data in an ongoing process to ensure the quality of their service.
  • Integrate with UID2.0, the open source ID framework that will be replacing third-party cookies. For example, The Trade Desk offers UID 2.0, which allows the advertiser to share PII, and they send back a short-term anonymous identifier for ad targeting.
  • Some data providers also provide AdTech and publisher-related features. These direct integrations with publisher platforms can support ad targeting, and others allow analysis of ad campaigns in privacy-compliant environments.

To see a full list of Tealium’s Identity Partners, check out the Tealium Integrations Marketplace.

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