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Tealium puts marketers in control of their online solutions, making it easy to deploy or edit vendor tags without burdening developers. Improve marketing and IT agility, reduce costs, and accelerate your web site performance!

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Tealium iQ

Put your JavaScript manual away and stop bothering IT to manage your digital marketing vendors. The Tealium® iQ™ system lets digital marketers easily manage tagging requirements without any software development. Because of our turnkey integrations with 700+ digital technologies, Tealium iQ enables marketers to manage their tags by themselves with point-and-click simplicity. Adding a vendor takes just three steps: Click the vendor logo, add some account details, and hit publish.

Mobile tagging on the fly

Adding and updating tags on mobile web sites and mobile apps can be a headache for any enterprise—especially when it requires having developers resubmit the app through the platform operators (e.g., Apple, Google) after every edit. Tealium removes the middleman and the need to get technical. Once Tealium is deployed within the mobile app, you can easily make adjustments to your mobile analytics or add new solutions on your own without having to recertify the app again. Learn More »

E-Privacy Compliance

Regulations are tightening around how we collect information about online visitors, and many countries require that international sites give visitors notice about what’s being tracked about them, as well as the option to opt in or opt out of being tracked. Through our Privacy Widget, organizations can give their visitors choices about which tags they want to accept. Rules can be created by individual sites or by country to help organizations comply with global e-privacy requirements. Learn More »

Control your deployments

With the average marketer leveraging at least 16 different digital marketing solutions across different domains, it’s tough to gauge how each tag is performing across every web page. Tealium Audit ensures that the Tealium tag is implemented and functioning properly to your standards. Just turn on Audit within Tealium iQ and you’ll have instant access to reports on which pages are tagged and which are not. Learn More »

Tealium Event Store

Tealium Event Store provides a raw feed of rich, event-level visitor data. This correlated, highly actionable data can be integrated into any data visualization solution or sent directly to an organization’s own data warehouse. Tealium Event Store enables users to define and collect key visitor metrics and then get regular feeds of that data faster and more cost effectively than anything else on the market. Tealium Event Store gives marketers a better understanding of the customer journey while helping increase the effectiveness of customer acquisition and retention campaigns. Learn more »

Tealium Server to Server

Tealium’s client-side methodology is widely recognized as the fastest and most scalable technology platform for tag management and digital data distribution. The Server to Server capabilities within Tealium allow clients to reduce the number of pixel calls from your visitors’ browsers for select browsers, further improving site performance. Learn more »

A handy Web Companion

Web Companion is a browser plug-in that allows users to audit their tag implementations, as well as easily expose any data from their web site and make it available within Tealium iQ. Web Companion can also be used to define specific areas within a web page that need to be tested using enterprise testing solutions such as Adobe Test&Target.

Multi-CDN tag delivery

Tealium pioneered the first multi-CDN network for delivering web site vendor tags quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Consisting of the three leading CDN providers—Akamai, Limelight Networks, and EdgeCast—Tealium creates a “competitive marketplace” for delivering your tags, ensuring that all your tags are delivered from the fastest CDN in any given region in the world, at any given time.


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