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The Tealium Partner Network is comprised of global system integrators, consultants, digital agencies and complementary technology solutions.

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As customer expectations evolve, we see a huge opportunity to accelerate value for our clients by easily connecting them with the experts in the Tealium Partner Network. We are committed to forming reciprocal relationships that drive growth, value, and an exceptional experience for you and your clients.



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“Tealium’s global ecosystem of partners is leveraging our platform to accelerate our customers’ most important business initiatives, such as personalization at scale, first party data strategy, and modernization of the digital customer experience. The refreshed Tealium Partner Network allows new opportunities for our partner ecosystem to provide more comprehensive solutions connecting data so your clients can connect with their customers.”

Matt Gray, Vice President Global Partnerships

Why Tealium?

Market Opportunity
Global Impact

Tealium founded the Customer Data Platform movement in 2013, and haven’t stopped since.

We’ve delighted more than 1,000 customers providing a platform with neutral real-time data collection, enrichment, governance, security, and distribution that spans the enterprise and future proofs your investment.

The CDP industry is expecting massive 5-year growth.

In 2020, the Total Addressable Market (TAM) was $1.3 Billion, and is expected to grow to $15.3 Billion by 2026 - 34.6% CAGR. And 80% of Tealium revenue is sourced, influenced or delivered by our partner ecosystem.

1,300+ technology partners give you freedom to do and build what you want.

Because we’re independent, customers (and partners) are free from limitations. Our platform can work with any technology--no exceptions--allowing customers to optimize their tech stack and meet their unique needs.

We are moving at the speed of your business to drive success.

The fastest customer data platform and world-class customer service combine to achieve the best outcomes for your business.

Our global footprint ensures customer scalability, business continuity, and service.

Customers benefit from full scale Sales Operations, Customer Success, and Product Support in US, LATAM, EMEA and APJ regions.

The Partner Engagement Cycle

Investing in All Areas of The Partner Engagement Cycle

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Building Your Business on Top of Tealium

Working with Tealium represents a low risk, highly differentiated partnership that accelerates outcomes across revenue and operations.

Building Your Business On Top of Tealium