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Understanding the Tealium Customer Data Hub

Introduction to the CDH Documentation
The CDH is the Tealium solution providing a central platform for end-to-end management of customer data across a tech stack.

Foundational Concept: The Data Layer
The Data Layer is the bedrock of your Tealium solution and serves as the one true definition of your data.

Get Building-Block Data and Normalize

Collect and Standardize

Get Data from Anywhere and Map to Your Data Layer
Collect data from traditional sources using javascript, tags, pixels, etc.

Collect data from other devices (like mobile, IoT, etc) with platform libraries, SDKs, APIs, etc.

Collect data from offline sources and upload

  • Import offline data
    Supplement online data with valuable offline data from in-store, data warehouses, data lakes, etc.

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Build Customer Insights Directly into the Data

Transformation and Enrichment

Set up a Customer Data Platform to Use Data Across Your Stack
Create a rich and portable customer profile to trigger actions in downstream systems or power further analysis of the data.

Validate and Maintain Data Quality
Solve the “garbage in, garbage out” problem by ensuring a high-quality data flow with specifications and tools to inspect data.

Use Machine Learning to Enrich Customer Profiles with Predictive Insights
Scale the value of your CDP data foundation by predicting any behavior you’re tracking

Send Data for Analysis and Action

Integrate and Activate

Send Data with Tags
Use client-side event data infrastructure for traditional tag-based technologies (this event data could have customer-level insights behind it)

Send Data with Event-based Connectors
Use server-side event data infrastructure for emerging technologies like mobile, IoT, etc

Send Data with Audience-based Connectors
Use server-side audience data infrastructure for emerging technologies that use customer-level data

Tealium Functions: Run Custom JavaScript Functions
You can use Tealium Functions to retrieve data from other systems, augment Tealium data, or send data to other endpoints on the server-side.

Use Data in Your Own Data Warehouse or Data Lake
Send all data, or just a subset for any purpose in your internal systems

Getting the Most Out of Tealium

Using the Tealium API
Getting more value out of the configuration and data in Tealium.

Data Governance
Gain visibility and control over end-to-end data flow to manage data security, privacy and compliance.

Working with Data Warehouses and Lakes
Move data back and forth between Tealium and your internal systems.

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For?
The Tealium Customer Data Hub has far more features, capabilities and use cases than can be described in this space. Should you have further questions, please check out our product tour, our active user community or our full documentation.

And please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll follow up ASAP to get you pointed in the right direction!