Tealium DataAccess

Streamline your Customer Data Supply Chain

Tealium DataAccess™ is a suite of rich data services built from the ground up to break down the barriers between the marketing data set and data available across an entire organization. DataAccess offers the richest source of clean omnichannel, event, and audience data collected across web and mobile touch points, and makes that data available for real-time action.

Plays Well with Others

As flexible as it is powerful, DataAccess distributes this data in a variety of ways necessary to support the modern customer data supply chain. Marketers can continue to use the tools they know and love (such as Google Analytics) while data analysts and BI users can work with the same source of data using the tools they prefer.

Key Benefits of Tealium DataAccess

Build a more customer-focused and responsive organization – Rich, multichannel interaction and visitor profile data delivered in real time.

Enhance your enterprise data investments – A powerful source of customer data primed for use with best-in-class business intelligence tools.

Close the gaps in your customer insights – A source of data that expands with your evolving business requirements.