Tealium Insights

Easy to use business intelligence capabilities powering reporting and dashboarding for the Tealium Customer Data Hub

About Insights

Tealium’s new Insights feature delivers built-in reporting and dashboards to the Tealium Customer Data Hub. These pre-built and customizable dashboards enable you to better discover operational and performance insights about your customer data initiatives.

Templated and Custom Reporting for Your Data Supply Chain

Data Operations
Custom Reporting
Share Reports
Pull Lists

Visibility into Data Operations

Out-of-the-box operational reports on the data you’re managing in the Customer Data Hub. Spot issues with your data supply chain before they become a problem, ensuring everything is working as expected. Complimentary reports available depending on products owned, with report authoring capabilities if you also own DataAccess.

No-code/Low-code Custom Report Builder

Want a specific insight just for you? Or an insight that’s specific to your organization’s unique business? With DataAccess, you get an automated drag-and-drop data visualizer to build reporting that’s unique to your data. Insights is flexible and accessible with no-code options to build reports, with more advanced business intelligence functionality if needed.

Export Reports to PDF or CSV for Visibility

Whether sharing reports to better monitor for issues, or communicate the value of customer data management, Insights shines a light on your customer data management activities for better governance, better

Pull Custom Lists for Analysis or Further Action

Query your data into customer lists that can be used for targeting in other tools (such as advertising or martech), re-ingested into Tealium for more action, or used in other systems for further analysis (such as Data Clean Rooms).

"Insights is an exciting step in a complete and comprehensive insights suite Tealium is bringing to market. Our products are rich with data and we are just scratching the surface of the value Tealium can provide by exposing insights and recommendations within the platform."

~Bob Page, Senior Vice President of Product

“Insights on Tealium data is a huge area of value for our customers. We’re thrilled to see the creative ways our customers are using Insights to make better decisions, more quickly. Our customers have massive amounts of data to facilitate improving business decisions and Tealium is excited to partner with them in this process.”
~Heidi Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer

Use Cases for Insights

  • Observability into customer data operations to improve data quality and reliability

  • Custom reporting and dashboarding on data operations and performance to enhance insights (requires DataAccess)

  • Increased insight agility by sharing reports

  • Pull customer lists for data sharing from data stored in the Customer Data Hub

  • Identify potentially risky issues around data usage, privacy, and security

Enhance Observability of Customer Data Operations

Gain additional visibility into how data is flowing across your tech stack with out of the box and customizable reports. Validate the data you see in other systems. Know when things break, get additional and better visibility into data quality, see how much value your data operations are producing, and more. If you’ve chosen to store your data in Tealium, you can visualize it with Insights.

Agility and Flexibility to Build the Insights You Want

As the unified, real-time data layer collecting and activating customer data, the Tealium Customer Data Hub is a treasure trove of insights. Pull customer lists, generate custom visualizations into performance or operations, perform calculations or transformations, and more using the data you choose to store in Tealium. Complement deeper analysis in other dedicated systems of insight with an embedded business intelligence tool in your CDP for quick insights.

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