Tealium AudienceStream

The Industry’s Only Real-Time Segmentation and Action Engine

Tealium AudienceStream is the leading omnichannel customer segmentation and action engine, combining robust audience management and profile enrichment capabilities with the ability to take immediate, relevant action.

AudienceStream allows you to create a unified view of your customers, correlating data across every customer touchpoint, and then leverage that comprehensive customer profile across your entire digital marketing stack.

Make What You Have Even Better

Tealium AudienceStream’s deep, native integrations with the industry’s leading technologies allow you to segment once and act everywhere.

Key Benefits of Tealium AudienceStream

Take real-time action – The AudienceStream ecosystem is made up of deep, native integrations with leading email, marketing automation, online advertising, social, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, enabling real-time action within the marketing technologies you already use. Learn more.

Connect the customer experience – AudienceStream allows you to onboard offline data, such as call center and point of sale information, and combine with your online data to provide a consistent, connected experience regardless of where your visitors are engaging with you. Learn more.

Optimize marketing spend – AudienceStream enables you to easily discover and target a diverse mix of audience segments, and speak to them at the right time, in the right way, ensuring that your marketing dollars are spent on the activities that will make an impact.

Make your own rules – With AudienceStream’s powerful marketer-defined business rules, you can define new profile attributes such as content affinity, lead scoring, and lifetime value allow you to align your marketing metrics with those most applicable to your business.

Embrace mobile and connected devices – Engage with your customer across any device, at anytime, with a consistent message. AudienceStream recognizes visitors across devices by collecting any known identifier and matching that identifier across sessions on any mobile or connected device. Learn more.

Market with precision – Audience Sizing empowers you to easily discover where relevant customer segments intersect utilizing historical data. An interactive, color-coded Venn diagram allows you to explore multiple audiences in AudienceStream simultaneously, examine prior user behavior and take action with precision. Improve your marketing strategy and performance with the ability to take real-time action on relevant audiences, making more effective use of your first party data.

AudienceStream Creates a Unified Customer View

“What Tealium AudienceStream allows us to do is actually standardize the definition of our segments across all of our marketing channels and create a truly unified view of our customers for the first time.” 

– Mark Fiske, Ancestry.com

Success Stories

Watch this video to learn how Ancestry.com is using Tealium to achieve its omnichannel goals.

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