Tealium AudienceStream

The Next Generation of Customer Interactions

The Tealium AudienceStream™ solution offers powerful segmentation and data enrichment capabilities to help you drive real-time marketing actions using your existing tools. AudienceStream addresses the complex challenges of fragmented omnichannel and cross-device marketing data to completely change the landscape for how you can access and leverage your customer information to help create new opportunities for customer growth and engagement.

5 Key Benefits of of Tealium AudienceStream

Maximize existing relationships – Drive smarter interactions with customers who are in your web and mobile channels right now.

Increase campaign effectiveness – Easily discover and target high-value audience segments.

Boost site conversions – Deliver more personalized content and offers that inspire your customers to take action.

Lower customer acquisition costs – Stop targeting low-value audiences who are less likely to convert.

Automate your marketing – Create rules and triggers for marketing action based on real-time audience behavior.

Success Stories

Watch this video to learn how Ancestry.com is using Tealium to achieve its omnichannel goals.

Read this short case study to learn why Deckers considers AudienceStream a great addition to its e-commerce strategy.

Read this case study to understand how Coastal.com leverages Tealium solutions to manage and maximize technology.

Customer Quotable

“What (Tealium AudienceStream) allows us to do is actually standardize the definition of our segments across all of our marketing channels and create a truly unified view of our customers for the first time.” 

– Mark Fiske, Ancestry.com

Key AudienceStream Differentiators

Comprehensive real-time data processing – Everything from data collection to visitor profile enrichment to distribution and action is performed live.

Bi-directional access to the Tealium iQ data layer – AudienceStream allows for real-time injection of visitor profile data back into the Tealium iQ™ tag management system.

Seamless connections with major vendors – AudienceStream provides live data connectors to best-in-class marketing technologies like email, online advertising, marketing automation, and more.

Powerful visitor profile enrichment capabilities – Define business rules that continuously augment visitor profiles with new or updated attributes.

Access to universal customer profiles – Create, store and distribute customer profiles across your application stack.

Tealium AudienceStream Key Capabilities

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated with Tealium iQ

AudienceStream leverages the power of Tealium iQ’s data layer to capture real-time events across all of your web sites and mobile applications. Newly added data elements are immediately available within AudienceStream for enrichment. The visitor profile elements in AudienceStream are also fully exposed within Tealium iQ for use in tag load rules, or to inject as custom data into any of the 750+ turnkey tag integrations available within Tealium iQ.

Real-time Data

Real-time data collection

Real-time interactions of visitors across all properties and applications managed by Tealium iQ immediately flow into AudienceStream for additional enrichment, segmentation, and action. AudienceStream does not rely on resource-intensive and time-consuming batch processing. All data is fully correlated from inception, eliminating the need for costly data integration projects.

Profile Enrichment

Visitor profile enrichment

AudienceStream makes your visitor data a living source of insight, expandable over time through powerful marketer-defined business rules. Defining new profile attributes such as content affinity, lead scoring, and lifetime value put you in control of the metrics that are most applicable to your business.

Visitor Stitching

Cross-device visitor stitching

Achieving a truly relevant customer interaction requires a complete understanding of the behavior of your visitors across all channels and devices. AudienceStream allows you to identify visitors across any device by collecting any known identifier and matching that identifier across sessions on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device. When an identifier is recognized as belonging to a known visitor, the full profile of the previously anonymous visitor is automatically merged and made available for real-time enrichment or action.

Live Connectors

Live connectors to key marketing technologies

Ultimately, the rich visitor insights you build should be leveraged for timely, relevant interactions. AudienceStream supports a number of live integrations to best-in-class email, marketing automation, online advertising, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. These live conduits share rich visitor data with the technologies you already use for engagement and nurture of your key audiences.