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Modern, scalable, secure, and automated workflows for data ingestion from enterprise data sources like data warehouses, CRM, and cloud applications

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About Data Connect

Complementing Tealium’s real-time data collection capabilities, Data Connect gives you access to more data sources to activate, more flexibility in working with those sources, and saves you time with workflow automation. Instead of wrangling data manually with spreadsheets or technical solutions, Data Connect unlocks automated access to valuable enterprise data sources like data warehouses, CRM systems, and cloud applications.

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Unlock All of Your Enterprise Data
for Customer Experience

Access All Data
Automate Workflows
Simplify Integrations
Real-time Flexibility

Easier Access to Your Whole Data Landscape

Many times the difference between using a data source or not is the effort it takes to integrate it. Data Connect gives enterprises a modern, scalable capability to integrate enterprise data sources holding key contextual data that can supercharge CX, or provide deeper insights. Now data such as loyalty data, transaction data, and special databases are at your fingertips to build better experiences.

Automate Data Ingestion Workflows

Every data type and source you want to use has unique characteristics. Sometimes you want the freshest possible data, and sometimes that’s not required. No matter what the unique needs are of your data source or use case, Data Connect gives you an automated way to bring that data in and use it to power better CX or deeper analysis.

Simplify API Integration and Reduce Maintenance Costs

Data Connect gives you access to over a thousand data sources without the need for manual and costly maintenance. Allow your developers and technical resources to focus their time building differentiating capabilities for your organization instead of commoditized integrations.

Get the Best of Both Worlds — Use Real-time and Data at Rest

The modern customer journey demands flexibility and agility with your technology. Whether you are balancing customer expectations and the costs required to meet them, or navigating a diverse landscape of legacy and emerging tech, Data Connect ensures your CX doesn’t run into dead ends.

Unlocking More Data Sources Than Ever Before

“In our mission to enable organizations to maximize the value of their first party data, Data Connect automates access to enterprise data sources more quickly and efficiently. This means a more complete view of the customer and more powerful experiences built on that view.”

— Bob Page, SVP of Product, Tealium

"Our customers find that Data Wrangling is no longer a prerequisite to gain insights. Data Connect shortens their 'time to value' by rapidly providing the intelligence to drive their CX decisions. Drawing insights from data is the key to the modern marketing machine, gaining those insights rapidly can change the game. Data Connect does that by giving instant and automated access to the data that drives your CX."

— Eugene Coleman, VP of Digital Strategy, Tealium

Solutions - Single View of the Customer

Use Cases for Data Connect Events

  • Integrate lead nurturing campaigns

  • Automate CRM data integration for activation

  • Activate loyalty, call center, offline data and more

  • Enrich Profiles with 2nd/3rd party data

  • Combine multi-brand visitor data

Data Connect No Code Workflow Automation

No-code Workflow Automation

Simple, intuitive access to building automated data ingestion workflows that bring in the data you want, when you want it. Ultimate flexibility to manage data ingestion processes to complement real-time data collection.

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Real-time Activation for 1,000+ Data Sources

We’ve made it easy to access hundreds of new data sources for real-time activation. Incoming data is immediately ingested into the system, kicking off business rules to orchestrate data.

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