AudienceStream Features

AudienceStream Customer Data Platform capabilities enable you to build a rich and actionable view of your customer as the basis for cross-channel segmentation and activation

Tealium AudienceStream Customer Data Platform Features

As part of the Tealium Customer Data Hub, AudienceStream CDP is the most flexible and comprehensive real-time customer data management solution on the market. AudienceStream makes customer data more accessible, higher quality, and more actionable across departments in your enterprise and tools in your tech stack

Effective real-time personalization requires capabilities along the data supply chain. The features below give your organization adaptable tools to optimize the value of customer data unique to your ecosystem, no matter the data source.

Collect, Integrate, and Activate Data From Any Source

Integration Marketplace
Event Data Framework
Data Connect
File Import

Integration Marketplace to Maximize the Value of Your Data

If it has a chip and a wire, Tealium can get data from it and put it to work. Tealium’s unparalleled ecosystem of data includes;

  • Comprehensive collection of Data Sources

  • Turnkey API Connectors to activate in virtually any tech

    • Advertising

    • Marketing Automation, Messaging

    • CRM and Data Warehouses

    • Analytics, BI

    • Customer Service Systems

  • Custom Options for Developers

Check out the Tealium Integration Marketplace

Functions to Customize Integration

Each and every business is solving unique challenges with their customer data. At the core of these challenges is the need for customization and agility. Tealium Functions brings unparalleled flexibility to AudienceStream CDP and EventStream API Hub without added complexity. With a few lines of simple code, you can;

  • Build or customize integrations when a packaged option won’t do

  • Transform data for maximum agility

  • Automate workflows to save time

  • Quickly query high-value data sets to reduce risk or add context for CX

Learn More about Tealium Functions

Add-on Integrated Event Data Framework for Broader Data Governance

Garbage in = Garbage out. Where most CDPs are simply a larger silo and are at the mercy of the data flowing into them, the Tealium Customer Data Hub complements AudienceStream CDP with an optional integrated Tag Management System and API Hub providing even more data collection horsepower. And— it’s the secret sauce for unlocking even more real-time use cases. This integrated event data infrastructure means richer, higher quality, and more actionable customer data.

Learn more about the Tealium Event Data Framework

Premium Feature: Data Connect

For data at rest that you want to bring in on a regular schedule to complement real-time data, Data Connect gives access to 1000+ additional API-driven data sources. With Data Connect you get a no-code canvas to design data ingestion for activation from systems like;

  • Data Warehouses - Snowflake, AWS, Google, etc

  • CRM Systems - Salesforce, Hubspot, etc

  • Cloud Applications - Marketo, Slack, etc

Learn more about Tealium Data Connect

File Import When You Need It

When a packaged option isn’t available, and you’re not looking to custom build your own option with developer tools, file import is the ultimate option for flexibility. Use the Tealium server to connect to a file service (such as an Amazon S3 bucket), read the file, and import the data. Each imported row is processed as an event. After importing, the data can then be enriched, stitched to existing visitor profiles, and sent to other vendors. And with column mapping, event specs, and visitor ID mapping, we give you the tools to make sure the data is high quality.

Resolve Identity and Create a Rich, Adaptable View of Your Customer

Identity Resolution

Track and Engage Customers from Unknown to Known with Configurable Visitor Stitching

With Tealium AudienceStream, Identity Resolution is configurable to your business. You decide which data points to use for identity resolution so that your view of your customers is truly unique as the foundation of a differentiated customer experience. And Tealium tracks every user, whether unknown or known, and progressively links user profiles to build up a rich customer view starting from your very first interaction.

Learn more about Visitor Stitching

Create a Rich, Adaptable Customer View with Attributes

With the Load Rules feature, you define the conditions that dictate when and where to load a tag. Load rules can also be linked to consent and to the following extensions:
  • Currency Converter
  • Data Validation
  • Channels

Get More Details on Attributes

Enrichments for Deep Insights

Sometimes simply combining or merging data isn’t enough— you want to perform a calculation to derive an insight. This could be as simple as adding up lifetime value, or as complex as a nuanced scoring algorithm to identify minute changes in the customer relationship. The attributes in Tealium are building blocks that you can combine for rich insights and action.

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Premium Feature: Tealium Predict ML

For an extra level of customer insight, add on Tealium Predict ML. Predict scores the likelihood of individual customers to take your most important actions, like purchases, sign-ups, or other engagements. This score is added to customer profiles and can be used to define audiences or trigger actions.

Learn more about Tealium PredictML

Manage and Activate Cross-channel Audiences

Build and Manage Segmentation with Audiences

Our audience management workbench allows your organization to explore, define, and act on audience segments easily and efficiently. Through our simple, no-code interface you can define audience segments, combine them together in unique ways, save and reuse them, and activate them from a central location.

Audience Discovery to Find New Insights

Audience exploration is a critical part of delivering the most effective customer experience. With Tealium AudienceStream, you can discover new audiences by combining customer attributes in different ways. This ensures the quickest time to value from audience ideation to activation and ultimately enables you to build an optimal segmentation strategy.

Consent Orchestration to Reduce Risk

With Tealium, privacy is not an afterthought. Consent data is a critical piece of context informing any customer engagement. Use consent data in audience definitions to more effectively orchestrate customer data in the context of consent and preferences.

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