A unified audience discovery, build, and activation workbench to save time and maximize the power of your real-time customer data

Introducing our newly enhanced Audiences feature

Tealium’s enhanced Audiences feature streamlines the process of putting your customer data to work through audience segmentation and activation. With our new version of Audiences, you can build segmentation more strategically, in less time, and with better visibility over the whole process. 

Starting with today’s unified and optimized audience management workflow, and continuing with enhancements that bring more insights and quicken time to value by populating new audiences at creation, our Audiences improvements are game changing within the Tealium Customer Data Hub. Users now have more of an exploration and workbench experience to delve into their customer data.

Over the next few months, Audiences will be enhanced as follows:

  • Today: Streamlined UX with reusable segments, new flexibility in rule building, and a more centralized view of activations (skip ahead to demo video)
  • Q3: Built-in Audience Sizing to unify audience discovery and building
  • Q4: Populate Audiences to quicken time to value with new audiences
  • Next Year: Scheduled Audience Refresh & Activations to calculate and populate an audience on a recurring schedule
Tealium Audiences— enhanced audience management

Enhanced flexibility and visibility for a more streamlined workflow

What’s Included?

Streamlined UX – Phase 1 Released Today

Enhanced workflow and increased flexibility for rule-building

The new audience workflow with expanded rule-building allows marketers to create audiences and segments with a simplified and flexible UI, stackable AND/OR rules, ability to exclude segments, and easy access to frequently used segments. Audience building is much easier for non-technical business/marketing users to quickly and easily create audiences with nested rules and exceptions.

Reusable Segments with enhanced duplication and saving

Copy/Paste might be the greatest invention of all time! Audiences now brings this functionality to marketers to ease audience duplication and reusing audience segments in campaigns and operations. This enhancement adds the ability to save and reuse audience segments (for inclusion or exclusion) without having to recreate them – saving time, effort and reducing manual errors.

Embedded insights for better context and collaboration within the audience building workflow

  • Attribute insights – Simply hover to see more details and insights about each attribute you might want to include in an audience (usually created by Marketing Ops or Data Engineering). This streamlines the process (no hopping to other screens), helps avoid errors, and reduces dependency on technical teams for building audiences.
  • Segment insights – With the new Reusable Segments feature, one key aspect is the ability to see the makeup of the segment so you’re sure who is and is not included in the segment— while making sure you are choosing the right segment while building an audience. The redesign will make this information available on hover right in the audience builder.
  • Consolidated view for audience insights – Each audience has several steps that are required to organize, validate, measure, and activate. The new consolidated view will make all relevant insights and information about your audiences available in a one-click tabbed interface. This means easy and central access to – 
    • Configuration – details about the segments and rules making up the audience 
    • Insights – visualization about the activity and details on visitors joining and leaving the audience 
    • Activations – access to list already defined with a quick way to build new activations
    • Functions – showing any actions or transformations that are implemented against that audience

User-level Favorites

User-driven favorites to provide personal labels, organization and quick access to frequently used audiences— saving time in everyday tasks for power users, and making it much easier to collaborate. 

Demo Video

Audience Sizing – Phase 2 Early Access Coming in Q3

Built-in sizing and audience details to streamline audience discovery and validation. With information about the targetable size of the audience at every user’s fingertips, and in real-time, audience building becomes an exploratory, yet efficient, process. Now users can play around with different rules and segment combinations until the targetable size meets campaign strategy criteria.

Audience Population – Phase 3 Early Access Coming in Q4

In real-time activation systems like AudienceStream, audience membership builds up based on customer behavior meeting conditions over time. This commonly means value builds until the audience reaches critical mass as prospects and customers qualify for the new rules. This feature adds the ability to create a new audience and immediately populate it with existing visitors that meet the criteria from the dataset, meaning quicker time to value and quicker decision-making when testing new audiences.

Scheduled Audience Refresh & Activations (formerly known as Scheduled Jobs) – Final Phase Coming in 2024

Integrating this feature will enable marketers to effortlessly schedule an automated refresh and activation of audience segments on demand, without requiring a customer engagement or event. This makes it easier to run recurring campaigns like Birthdays or Anniversaries, where the trigger for the campaign isn’t based on a customer engagement. 

This capability provides marketers with precise control over when their audience data is updated and made ready for campaign targeting. By automating this process, marketers can ensure that their campaigns always target the most current and relevant audience profiles, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts while saving valuable time and resources.

What Can You Do with the New Audiences Enhancements?

Integrated Audiences represents a whole new user experience in Tealium AudienceStream CDP, deepening the experience of managing cross-channel audiences. Here are the top use cases and values, now and in future phases:


  1. Build new audience segments – A one-stop-shop for audience management, giving you a central cockpit to save time setting up cross-channel campaigns.
  2. Optimize audiences – A workbench with insights at your fingertips to make fine adjustments to improve campaign performance without hopping around the interface.
  3. Implement new audience logic Inspect current setups, collaborate with other users, and combine different segments to see what combo is the best.
  4. Better collaborate and coordinate audience building – Save your own favorites to make sure you see the audiences most important to you.
  5. Get improved visibility for governing audiences – Better visibility means fewer mistakes and less potential downtime.
  6. Reduce IT bottlenecks – A business-friendly interface to help avoid dreaded backlogs.


  1. Explore new audiences in the same place – Better visibility and easier exploration of possible audience makeup will lead to more effective audiences. 
  2. Launch populated audiences for quicker time-to-value and testing – Retroactively add audience members based on brand new criteria without having to wait for the audience to build up, so that your audiences perform better, and faster.
  3. Automate audience refreshes and activations – Schedule audience refreshes without requiring an engagement, like for birthdays or anniversaries. Automate campaigns to save time and complement real-time triggers to have a more powerful targeting strategy.


These improvements to Audiences give Tealium users a richer, more centralized, and easier-to-collaborate audience building experience. Future phases will bring even more power to the experience by surfacing insights in real-time during the audience building workflow, and enabling audiences to be populated— or scheduled for creation— to save time and achieve value more quickly with new campaigns. 

Looking to dive a bit deeper? 

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Matt is Director of Product Marketing at Tealium.

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