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Forrester reveals a customer ROI of 363% and total benefits of over $6.9 million over three years for Tealium’s Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Read this study to learn how customers leveraged Tealium to improve customer experiences and maximize marketing ROI, as well as stay competitive in a digital environment evolving with privacy regulations, the pandemic, and third-party cookie changes.

A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned By Tealium January 2022.

Tealium commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study to evaluate Tealium’s cost of ownership and return on investment. Benefits for a composite organization based on interviewed customers include:

  • 3% increase to average order value with improved customer segmentation and personalization
  • 8.5% increase in campaign engagement by year two through recapturing abandoned conversions
  • Up to 25% lift in productivity across digital advertising, web analytics, and database operations team
  • $782,000 savings from technology stack optimizations
  • $1.2 million increased revenue from right-time data access