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Automate and enrich your customer experience with the power of business-friendly machine learning insights.

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With Tealium Predict ML™ plus AudienceStream CDP™, you can predict the likelihood of your customers to achieve your most important goals and use that prediction to define audience segments or engagement rules. A custom model suited to your specific goals is just a few clicks away.

Drive Better Customer Experience and Insights with Data-driven Predictions

Better Experiences
Better Insights
Operational Efficiency

Anticipate Customer Behavior

Data about your customers’ past behaviors holds clues to their future behaviors. When you can accurately predict future behaviors, you can take action to shape them toward better outcomes. Tealium Predict ML uses the power of machine learning to predict the likelihood of prevalent behaviors you’re tracking in the Tealium AudienceStream Customer Data Platform.
Now you can anticipate when a customer will make a purchase and take action to increase revenue. Or identify prospects who won’t purchase and suppress them from advertising to save costs - the possibilities are endless.
These audiences can be deployed in any integrated system to help you deliver a consistent and relevant customer experience. Or send this data to analytics or business intelligence systems to further analyze customer behavior.

Learn What Data Points are Predictive

Tealium Predict ML shows you exactly which customer data points your custom-tailored models use to create predictions and how important each data point is to the prediction. By getting insights into the most important behaviors, you can craft better customer experiences that more effectively support your goals.
For example, when predicting a purchase, you might see that a specific video view or offline interaction is critical. Or if predicting cart abandonment, you might see a particular device overly represented, implying there may be a bug. Armed with these insights, you can take action to produce better results.

Machine Learning Insights “In-Line” with Your Customer Data Supply Chain

Machine learning projects are notoriously resource-intensive. Even if you have a good model, it can be hard to feed it enough high-quality data. Once you figure that out, it can be even more time-consuming and challenging to activate those insights so they’re actually benefiting your customers.

Tealium Predict ML coupled with AudienceStream CDP is the lowest cost and lowest risk way to simultaneously solve all these challenges to harness the power of ML. These simple predictions empower customer-facing teams with new data-driven insights and automation, while freeing data science and insights teams from repetitive and manual propensity modeling efforts.

Machine Learning That’s Marketer-friendly and Data Scientist Powerful

No Black Boxes

Unlike most ML-powered customer insight tools, Predict ML does not just generate a number that you have to trust on faith.

Scores from Predict give you visibility into prediction strength, attributes used, attribute weighting, and more. Configure your model based on your own goals and then use the scores to drive action all in the same platform.

Predict Important Events

Predict the most important events you have tracked in Tealium AudienceStream CDP. You choose from what’s important to you, not pre-defined by us. Choose important behaviors or goals such as a purchase, cart abandonment, subscription lapse, VIP status, call center calls, etc.

Then, target customers based on the score. Want to make customers who are highly likely to buy a special offer? Now you can. Want to suppress window shoppers from specific campaigns? You can do that too. Use predictions to target only the sweet spot of customers to drive improved performance, reduced costs, and operational efficiency.

Launch a Model Quickly

A simple, easy-to-understand UI that enables business users (even if you’re not a data scientist) to create a model that predicts customer behavior. Create, train, fine-tune, and activate a model that’s directly driving CX actions.

The Predict score becomes another data point in the customer profile at the end of every visit. The score is available real-time to define audiences or trigger actions in any integrated system from our 1,300+ vendor integration marketplace.

Advanced Configuration

For those more sophisticated with data science, dive into the details on model strength, F1 score, confusion matrix, date ranges, included and excluded attributes, etc.

Tealium Predict ML is a quick and easy way to use a high volume, high-quality data set for modeling, in-line with data activation, solving the major pain points of most machine learning projects.

Machine Learning Insights that Help You Acquire, Retain, and Support Your Customers Across Any Channel

Identify and Target
Smarter Audiences
Acquire, Retain and Support
Agile Machine Learning

Automatically Identify and Target the Best Prospects and Customers

Score every user’s likelihood to achieve your most important goals. You can use that score to drive action using Tealium’s 1,300+ integrations. Knowing which users will or won’t convert lets you focus your time and budget where it will have the most impact. Your entire stack becomes machine learning-enabled regardless of each tool’s native capabilities.

Potential Use Cases
  • Likely to Buy: Focus budget and special offers on prospects who are most likely to buy
  • Loyalty Campaigns: Target customers most likely to join
  • Abandoner Campaigns: Target prospects who are most likely to come back

Using Automated, Data-driven Segmentation

Whether you’re running campaigns for acquisition, retention, or support, layer in ML insights with your existing audiences to make them better. You can target the ‘sweet spot’ and provide the most relevant experience possible.

Potential Use Cases
  • “Intelligent” Cart Recovery: Only target those who will come back and buy
  • High Value / VIPs: Amplify engagement and offers with those who are most likely to be worth the effort
  • Suppress Poor Targets: Exclude users from your audiences with a low likelihood to convert

Better Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Support

Predict ML can provide insights into which customers are likely to achieve your goals. With these machine learning insights, you can more strategically engage prospects and customers. You can suppress low likelihood customers and focus on those most likely to achieve your goals.

Potential Use Cases
  • Support Intervention: Identify those who need help and proactively engage
  • Retention Campaigns: Engage customers with a low likelihood to renew
  • Acquisition: Only target those who are likely to buy

Augment Machine Learning Projects with Agility

Machine Learning projects are notoriously slow, complex, and rigid. They require a lot of data wrangling and integration efforts. With Predict ML added to the Tealium AudienceStream Customer Data Platform, there’s already a rich customer dataset and the integrations to put that data to work. Data science teams get an agile and actionable complement that makes it a breeze to collaborate with other business users.

Potential Use Cases
  • Rapid, Automated Insights: No data-wrangling is required to apply machine learning to customer data
  • Collaborate with Marketing: Machine learning insights right where marketing campaigns are triggered
  • Streamline Exploratory Analysis: Reduce time sifting through data with access to automated but configurable insights.

Karin Marksteiner

Head of Analytics, Data & Personalisation, TUI Deutschland GmbH

"Layering Tealium’s predictive insights onto its CDP has been a real game-changer. The targeted use of personalized coupons has proven instrumental to improving our conversion rates."

Result: Boosted conversion rate of high value coupon offers by 400%.

Amin Foda

Director of Marketing Infrastructure at Monash University

"Using Tealium Predict ML helps us build real-time audience attributes based on their likelihood to take an action and engage with them on the next best conversation across all identifiable channels at the right moments.”

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