Case Study

How Bosch Power Tools drills down into data to personalise the user journey and improve marketing efficiency


To make better use of available data to understand users and their preferences, while prioritising privacy and compliance.

Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, a division of The Bosch Group, is the global market leader in power tools and accessories. While its products are used by trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts all over the world, the company has relatively limited customer data given that it doesn’t sell directly to many end users. 

Bosch Power Tools needed to make better use of its available first party data to improve its understanding of users and their preferences. Data siloes made this difficult. 


With Tealium, Bosch Power Tools can connect data from various touchpoints to create comprehensive user profiles and implement more personalised, relevant marketing activity.

By deploying Tealium AudienceStream to connect user data across various touchpoints – from the website to the CRM system to external advertisers – Bosch Power Tools can now create a more complete picture of its users. Doing so fostered a new level of user understanding within Bosch Power Tools, and made more data-driven, personalised marketing possible.

With the ability to connect the dots between the data shared by its users in real-time, Bosch Power Tools can create rich user profiles, while ensuring compliance with region-specific privacy regulations. This creates a more nuanced understanding of users and what they want – providing actionable insights which can be fed into more personalised marketing activity.

“With Tealium, we’ve been able to remove siloes, connect our data, and create a new standard when it comes to understanding our customers at Bosch Power Tools. We can now build rich user profiles and execute more personalised marketing activity, while adhering to stringent data privacy regulations. This allows us to create better experiences for our users and improve our advertising efficiency.”  Tillmann Bross, Manager Personalization, Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH 


Bosch Power Tools can now reach individual users with the right content at the right time. It is already reaping the rewards in terms of a return on marketing investment. For instance, moving to dynamic product recommendations which factor in the specific product pages a user has visited previously led to a significant increase in average newsletter open rates, jumping to 70%.

Employing connected user data to improve targeting possibilities has also been key to boosting advertising efficiency. By combining display ads with attractive promotions and retargeting website users, Bosch Power Tools tracked 7 million impressions and around 1000 leads to selected dealers in an eight-week period. 

With its newfound user insights, Bosch Power Tools can continue to optimise the user experience through personalised marketing activity. Plans are in place to both expand on current use cases, such as moving into cross-selling and upselling within email communications, and within the business – rolling out its learnings with Tealium to other divisions within The Bosch Group, such as Bosch IO. 

“Tealium’s hands-on approach and continued collaboration has been key to not only a smooth deployment but also our confidence in building further on this foundation as we continue to prioritise personalisation and a data-driven marketing strategy.”  Tillmann Bross, Manager Personalization, Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH 

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