Visitor Stitching: Identity Resolution for Cross Device Users


The pursuit of personalized and relevant omnichannel campaigns requires a unified view of consumer behavior across all devices. Now it’s possible with visitor stitching.

Visitor Stitching: Identity Resolution for Cross Device Users


Digital Transformation is a key initiative for today’s businesses looking to build a true ‘customer-at-the-center’ approach that delivers relevant, personalized experiences across online and offline channels. But in order to deliver on this, having the tools to build an agile and sound visitor stitching strategy are a must.

Typical analytics data often shows multi-device visitor interaction as coming from three visits and three different people, when, in reality, those visits are from just one visitor using different devices. Sometimes these visits can be combined manually using data warehouses and custom integration builds, but these projects are costly, difficult to maintain and typically deliver insights days, or even weeks, after the customer behavior occurred. Fortunately, Tealium’s patented visitor stitching technology recognizes multiple identifiers belonging to the same person and then maps them to multi-device use in real time. See Figure 1.

Building Unified, Comprehensive Customer Profiles from Web to Mobile and Beyond

Tealium AudienceStream™ enables you to map a consumer’s journey to all of his or her devices for a unified view crucial to campaign planning and analysis. From the instant any user interacts with your brand, a new profile is created. Over time, more data is associated with that profile and other profiles created, based on identifiers. As IDs between profiles match, they are automatically stitched together and re-built in real time to reflect a complete view of that customer’s brand engagement across devices and venues.

These comprehensive profiles become the foundation around which all brand engagement is constructed. With a portable and accessible single view of the customer, companies can now operate with a truly ‘customer-centric’ approach.

Real-Time Access to Stitched Profiles

Not only will AudienceStream proactively seek matching identifiers across all known visitor profiles, it will combine them in real time. Newly combined profiles can be immediately acted upon, thus making personalization, remarketing, and retargeting actions much more personalized and effective.

Patented Stitching Approach

Tealium’s patented visitor stitching approach goes beyond simply combining the data from two or more profiles into one. To create the most accurate unified profile possible, when profiles are stitched, Tealium’s proprietary technology ‘replays’ the data from each of the stitched profiles back in order, so that the profile can be built taking into account the sequence of the customer’s journey. Combined with business rules setup to continually enrich incoming data with insights, this allows brands to build consistent brand experiences that differentiate in the market.

Get Comprehensive Collection of Visitor IDs

Every venue and platform uses its own Visitor ID that can be useful for building comprehensive profiles and targeting users across devices. Tealium tracks visitor IDs from a variety of sources including Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more. When any known ID is matched, visitors, their behaviors, and devices are automatically stitched together. AudienceStream then enables you to take actions using these profile-based attributes and create unique audiences, facilitating compelling omnichannel campaigns that may begin on a mobile device and follow the user to his or her desktop.

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