Digital Data Distribution

For years, marketers have been hearing about the promise of so-called “big data,” but until now, there has been no easy way to leverage this data to increase results. Part of the problem has been trying to correlate the vast amount of digital data that is created across multiple touchpoints, and then use it to improve marketing and personalization in a timely manner.

Tealium AudienceStream is the industry’s first real-time audience discovery and digital data distribution platform, allowing marketers to define, correlate and target their most actionable audiences across channels, and then take action on those visitors in real time to increase results.


Define visitor attributes that are most valuable to you, and enrich the information about your visitors. For example, set up attributes around the lifetime value of visitors, or assign badges to visitors based on their specific user behavior or interactions with different marketing programs.


Use AudienceStream’s intuitive web interface to discover compelling insights about your audiences and create actionable visitor segments. For example, create a segment around site visitors that add items to their cart, but fail to convert.


Distribute these highly actionable audiences to major digital marketing vendors in real-time, including email service providers, content management systems and more, and create automated actions that drive results.

Solve Big Data Challenges at the Source

Thanks to its unique integration with tag management, Tealium AudienceStream’s patent-pending technology helps marketers solve their big data challenges at the source. Correlate visitor-specific data across all digital touchpoints — including marketing vendors and web and mobile platforms — at the point of creation. This provides a rich, 360-degree view of the customer journey and allows you to create high-value segments.

Take Action to Increase Revenue

Through seamless connectors with major digital marketing vendors — such as email service providers, retargeting solutions, CRM systems, and more — Tealium AudienceStream allows you to take action on your visitors in real-time based on their behavior. This lets you maximize the value that you can get from each visitor by creating personalized content and product offers, as well as highly targeted remarketing campaigns.

Designed for Marketers

Use badges, flags and other attributes to define visitor properties that are most valuable to you. Discover your most actionable audiences through an interactive graphical user interface, and see them live as they interact with your site. Create actionable segments and stream your audiences to major digital vendors with a few clicks of the mouse. AudienceStream is designed for marketers, eliminating the need for expensive back-office data integration projects.

Integrate Offline Data Sources

In addition to providing a complete customer view across web and mobile channels, Tealium AudienceStream allows you to integrate offline data, such as call center and point-of-sale information. By unifying all customer touch points, Tealium AudienceStream can help you create complete audience profiles. These can be used to dramatically increase the effectiveness of customer acquisition and retention campaigns.

Visualize Your Workflow in Real-time

AudienceStream Trace gives you a simple way to test your segmentation and enrichment strategies by viewing an instant linear stream of actions as they happen. Complex online interactions are clearly viewable on just one screen. With helpful categorized views, the Trace session you initiate allows you to validate every badge assignment, metric calculation, and visitor interaction that happens or doesn’t happen on sites or mobile applications that use AudienceStream.