Mobile, IoT and Connected Devices

Integra tus datos móviles a la perfección en toda tu pila de tecnología para interactuar con tus clientes desde cualquier dispositivo, en cualquier momento y con un mensaje relevante.

Fuel Exceptional Customer Experiences

Tealium’s Universal Data Hub ensures that every aspect of your customer experience strategy–across web, mobile, connected device and beyond– shares the same up-to-the-moment data to fuel exceptional customer experiences and insights.

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Learn all you need to know about mobile data, from collection and management to activation.

Key Benefits

IoT and OTT – Users interact with brands in a wide variety of ways, including on a growing number of mobile devices and over-the-top (OTT) devices, such as smart TVs, set top boxes, and gaming consoles. It’s important to capture and correlate this user behavior across every channel to provide an optimized experience. Tealium offers native app support for a growing list of devices including those powered by Apple iOS and Google’s Android, as well as OTT devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku.

Stitch Visitors Across Devices – Customer behaviors are constantly evolving– they research and browse products on mobile devices, abandon shopping carts on their tablets and make purchases on desktop computers—sometimes in a single user session. Digital businesses need the ability tap into their 1st party data and build single customer profiles across devices, in order to have a true understanding of customer behavior, value and campaign performance. With Tealium, you can stitch visitor profiles across sessions, (from unknown to known) through devices and offline channels.

Tealium Supports All Mobile – When it comes to data collection and delivery for mobile and connected devices, you need options that work for your business and your budget. Data can be collected and delivered in two different ways— client-side (browser-based) via tags and cloud-based delivery (server-side) via APIs. Tealium provides users with options and the ability to choose based on business and strategic needs.

Robust and Lightweight – The Tealium mobile solution is lightweight- with an implementation designed to streamline data collection and management. Tealium uses the Collect HTTP API to send data to AudienceStream and EventStream connectors. This approach ensures a lightweight footprint in your app and leverages the power of the Universal Data Hub to connect with your marketing vendors.

Cloud Delivery – Every additional second of load time in mobile costs conversions and customers. Cloud delivery allows for increased performance, reduces the load on a device, reduces battery taxation and much more. In addition to Tealium’s expansive marketplace of over 1000 client-side (browser-based) vendors, Tealium offers 100+ cloud-based (server-side) audience and event delivery connectors and is adding to that list every day as vendors make the technology available.

Increase Mobile Engagement

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Engage with your customers across any device, at any time, with a consistent message.


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