Maximale Effizienz: Adobe Experience Cloud + Tealium Universal Data Hub

Unlock the full power of your Adobe® products and the rest of your tech stack with seamless data integration through Tealium’s Universal Data Hub

What Adobe products can Tealium help integrate?

Wichtige Vorteile

  • Unified data integration for more powerful and consistent data-driven experiences
  • Simplified data management unlocking operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced data management capabilities within the Adobe product suite and across your entire tech stack

Tealium currently deploys Adobe products across thousands of digital properties. Using data seamlessly between Adobe products and your tech stack as a whole, unlocks the power to deliver timely, contextual and consistent customer experiences. The Tealium Universal Data Hub integrates across the Adobe Experience Cloud including:


Adobe Analytics®
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Adobe AppMeasurement®
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Adobe Audience Manager DCS®
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Adobe CQ®
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Adobe Experience Manager®
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Adobe Target®
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Adobe Audience Manager®
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Adobe Campaign®
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Adobe Media Optimizer®
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Adobe Recommendations®
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Adobe Experience Cloud ID-Service®
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We have Adobe deployed on literally thousands of digital properties for brands like LL Bean, Samsung, Domino’s and more, giving us unique expertise working within the Adobe Cloud.

– Chris Andres, VP Digital Strategy & Business Development at Tealium

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Request a live demonstration of Tealium’s native support for Adobe to see how Tealium makes it easier to implement and enrich this part of your tech stack and beyond.

Die Frist und das Gültigkeitsdatum für die Einhaltung der DSGVO ist der 25. Mai 2018.

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Browse our Adobe integration documentation to plan your strategy:

Audience Manager:  Audience Manager DCS

Analytics:  Adobe Analytics

Mobile Analytics:  Mobile App Tracking with Adobe Analytics

Campaign: Adobe Campaign

Target: Adobe Target

Heartbeat Tag: Adobe Heartbeat Tag

And more…


In den Videos erfahren Sie, wie Tealium und Adobe besser zusammenarbeiten:

MarTech Challenge Series Videos: Configuring Adobe Analytics

Dynamically Configuring Adobe Analytics Report Suite

Identity Resolution Webcast: Identity Resolution – The Key to Digital Transformation

Microsoft Case Study: One Tag to Rule Them All: Data Governance for the Modern Enterprise


Hilfreiche Ressourcen zur Entwicklung von Strategien zur Integration und Aktivierung Ihrer Daten:

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Die Frist und das Gültigkeitsdatum für die Einhaltung der DSGVO ist der 25. Mai 2018.

Free Doesn’t Mean Without Cost

There are tools available without subscription costs that might help with some of the points mentioned above. But it’s important to recognize the ways in which a free tool will cost your organization:

  • Service and Support Costs – Free tools can be a direct gateway to increased services that add up significantly. Additionally, support options can be limited and frustrating.
  • Anbieterneutralität – By locking into a free tool, you can be limiting your flexibility to choose best of breed tools. This hampers your ability to compete with competitors and misses the opportunity to build a strategic differentiator on data.
  • Limited Capabilities – Ultimately free tools are not as robust with functionality and typically exist to ease investment in complementary systems from the vendor supplying the free tool.

Check out our full comparison of Tealium iQ to free tag management solutions for more details.

Need Help Figuring Out How to Integrate with the Adobe Experience Cloud?

Die Lösungsberater bei Tealium unterstützen Sie mit ihren Kenntnissen dabei, einen Plan für die Integration Ihrer Daten zu entwickeln, um Ihre Anstrengungen zur Optimierung der Kundenerfahrung zu transformieren.

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