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Firms in this category treat customer data and analytics as a strategic priority, use advanced predictive analytics for customer analysis, and are proactive about infusing insights into the business that drive customer decision making. Customer data and analytics is not treated in isolation from other types of approaches: digital analytics, attribution analysis, marketing, and business analytics. Leaders extensively leverage cross-channel intelligence and use customer lifetime value as the guiding metric to plan their customer portfolios.

On the right we’ve provided a few tips to help get you to the next stage, but we’d love to provide you with even more helpful insights one-on-one.

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  • Tip #1

    Identify unstructured data sources for analysis.

  • Tip #2

    Calculate a predictive customer lifetime value score for each customer in your database and use it to manage the customer journey.

  • Tip #3

    Assign specific analytical resources to each line of business and gauge their performance by their contribution to that line of business’ analytical success.

  • Tip #4

    Develop a centralized repository of customer data reconciled at the individual customer identity level.

  • Tip #5

    Assign self-service data access and analytics for business users including a comprehensive data catalogue.

  • Tip #6

    Invest in real-time scoring and model governance.

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